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Council’s priorities build upon countywide strategic plan


Adopted goals include Financial Stability, Accountability and Quality of Life


The Metropolitan King County Council today gave its unanimous approval to the priorities that will guide the Council for the next 5 years. In adopting its Operational Strategic Plan, the Council looks to continue building upon the framework of the adopted countywide King County Strategic Plan.

“Our strategic plan is a daily reminder of the challenges facing King County right now and the steps we must take to meet those challenges,” said Council Chair Larry Gossett. “It is our commitment to the people of King County and we encourage the public to monitor our progress in meeting the goals of the plan.”

“This is the second year of implementing the Council’s Strategic Plan and we’ve already seen results,” said Council Vice Chair Jane Hague. “The Council has made considerable strides towards fiscal sustainability and improving the way King County operates as a whole.”

“One of the Council’s main duties is to make sure we are spending taxpayer’s dollars responsibly,” said Councilmember Julia Patterson, Budget and Fiscal Management Committee Chair. “The Council’s Strategic Plan reflects our commitment to the oversight of the County’s finances to ensure that valuable County services are effective and cost efficient.”

In the adopted plan, the Council defines its vision, mission and values. It embraces the Council's role of providing leadership through equity and accessibility while performing its charter-defined function as the policy determining body for the County.

“Communicating the Council’s goals and values to the public provides transparency and accountability to King County residents,” said Councilmember Larry Phillips. “As Chair of the Transportation, Economy, and Environment Committee, I am focused on protecting and enhancing the quality of life in King County through the availability of jobs, transit, and environmental sustainability.”

The adopted plan also clearly lays out the Council’s three top priorities for the next five years:

Protect and Enhance the Quality of Life: Establish policies that protect and enhance the economy, environment, health and safety of the people of King County
Financial Stability: Maintain and enhance the financial strength of King County through prudent fiscal management to optimize service delivery to the residents of King County
Accountability: Maintain and grow the public’s trust in the Council and the County through accessible, effective, responsive, and transparent oversight of County government

The adopted plan calls for the development of identifiable measures that can be monitored and presented in quarterly reports to the public.

“The main focus on accountability in this strategic plan is a constant reminder about the imperative for government to serve its citizens in the most efficient, accessible manner,” said Councilmember Kathy Lambert, Chair of the Government Oversight and Accountability Committee. “Recently, we have expanded the use of technology to make King County government more open and accessible than ever before, and we will continue to update our procedures and practices to be responsive to the needs of the public.”

The Council’s adopted goals are designed to mesh with the eight priorities of the countywide strategic plan; the comprehensive and collaborative approach to reform that involves every branch and every level of County Government. Adopted by the Council in 2010, the King County Strategic Plan was the first time that the three branches of County Government—Executive, Legislative and Judicial—working across all levels, crafted a roadmap to use in meeting the challenges facing the County.

“Last year, as Chair of the Council, I led the effort to create a list of specific goals and priorities in implementing the countywide strategic plan,” said Councilmember Bob Ferguson. I am encouraged by what we have accomplished and grateful for the work of my colleagues in building on this and setting another ambitious agenda for the next five years.”

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