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Community Meal Council, Hobart Blast and Greater Maple Valley Area Council Chosen to receive Community Service Area Grants



Metropolitan King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn today announced that the Community Meal Council and Hobart Blast—both located in the Hobart neighborhood—and the Greater Maple Valley Unincorporated Area Council in King County Council District 9 were selected to receive Community Service Area (CSA) Grants.

“The good work these community groups cannot be overstated,” said Dunn. “I am very pleased to see this grant money go to such worthy organizations that help strengthen communities and bring people together.”

The Community Meal Council that is affiliated with the Hobart Community Church was awarded a $3,000 grant. This grant will be used to help purchase a new refrigerator and or freezer to help them better serve the members of the community that depend on the meals they provide. The Community Meal Council provides approximately 100 meals on a weekly basis and is in dire need of a larger working freezer and refrigerator.

“We are overjoyed to receive this grant,” said Les Dawson of the Community Meals Council. “These funds will help us purchase new equipment and Velcro will no longer be needed to keep our supplies properly frozen.”

Hobart Blast in conjunction with the Hobart Community Church and the Hobart Store were awarded $1,000 to help with their community Labor Days celebration. The grant will aid in the purchase of food for the large community gathering.

The Greater Maple Valley Unincorporated Area Council was awarded $2,750 to help aid with their newsletter and a second grant of $2,800 to help assist with their yearly model train show that draws resident from throughout the community.

The King County Community Service Areas (CSA) offer expanded ways for the County to engage with the 255,000 county residents who live outside city boundaries of which over 70,000 reside in King County Council District 9.

A total of $60,000 will be reimbursed for projects in 2013. The King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks Community Service Areas Program will provide funds to selected projects through a letter of award. Amounts will be limited to less than $5,000 per project.

The grant programs within the CSA’s are available through a competitive application process. The grants must be used to fund community projects that offer unincorporated area residents in the Community Service Areas an opportunity to participate and be more connected in their communities.

If you live in an unincorporated community and are interested in learning more about the CSA program and how to apply for future grant opportunities please visit

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