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Dunn amendment to study impacts of closing the Renton Transfer Station on Self-haul users part of review of County’s solid waste plan



In accepting the report that reviewed the County’s Solid Waste Transfer and Waste Management Plan the Metropolitan King County Council will also give consideration to the self-haul users of the Renton Transfer Facility. The Council had previously adopted an amendment in committee by Councilmember Reagan Dunn that calls for a review of what a potential closure of the Renton Transfer Station would mean to its self-haul users.

Dunn’s amendment calls for an in depth study that will take into account impacts of the potential closure on self-haul users paying particular attention to the accessibility and convenience the Renton facility currently provides.

The study will examine the impact a closure would have on its current self-haul users, including the consequences of losing the popular self-hauling services provided at the transfer station. The report will also analyze options for self-haul service for residents currently served by the Renton Transfer Station in the event of a closure of the station.

“I want to ensure self-haul users of this facility from my district know there is a real danger that this station may close in the coming years,” said Dunn.  “My amendment will study any closure thoroughly and let us know how the needs of self-haul users could be met if this location is ultimately closed.”

Self-hauling services are widely used services at this facility and the needs of local residents need to be anticipated and planned for should the 2018 closure date come to fruition.  Councilmember Dunn’s amendment ensures these concerns and needs are taken into consideration.

Issues related to the Renton Transfer Station will be studied thoroughly over the next several months, including significant opportunity for public input.

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