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Upthegrove directs help to Kent’s homeless women and children



King County’s annual budget totals $4.5 billion to provide essential regional services like Metro buses, regional courts and jails, building inspections and county-wide public health. Thanks to Metropolitan King County Councilmember Dave Upthegrove, the 2015 budget also includes direct investments in shelter services for women and children in Kent.

“As a member of the budget leadership team, I spent weeks scrutinizing every county agency to find ways to cut spending to balance the budget,” Upthegrove said. “Frankly, it was great to find a way to actually do something new that will help some of Kent’s most needy families.”

The KentHOPE Day Center will receive $5,000 from King County in 2015 for shelter services and capital investments. The center provides safe places for women and children to stay during the day to do tasks like laundry, access health and employment services or to simply rest.

“Although it is not a large amount when compared to other county investments, this funding will make a tremendous difference in the lives of homeless mothers and children who use these shelters every day,” Upthegrove said.

KentHOPE is an association of local non-profits, neighbors, businesses, and churches who have joined together to reduce homelessness in Kent.

“We were so surprised and delighted that Councilmember Upthegrove would initiate the funding and we appreciate his support,” said Pat Gray, KentHOPE Executive Board Chair. “We were also pleased to have the opportunity to show him our Day Center, which has served 250 women since it opened in Dec. 2013.”

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