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Metropolitan King County Council declares "See Blue Week"


Council expands "Blue Friday" for countdown to Super Bowl


The members of the Metropolitan King County Council are looking for a “Sea of Blue” after declaring the week of January 26-February 1 as "See Blue Week" in support of the Seattle Seahawks as they prepare to defend their Super Bowl title.

This action asks Seattle Seahawks fans from everywhere to show their support by wearing blue during the Super Bowl "countdown" week.

“See Blue Week will show the world that our team is supported by the best fans in the world: The 12’s!” said Council Vice-Chair Jane Hague, prime sponsor of the recognition.

“As the anticipation grows for the Hawk’s second consecutive Super Bowl appearance, we join King County residents and fellow “12s” in “See Blue Week” to show our pride in and support for our world champion Seattle Seahawks,” said Council Chair Larry Phillips. “Go Hawks!”

“It would be hard to match the most exciting NFL playoff game ever, but the Seahawks have shown a flair for the dramatic,” said King County Executive Dow Constantine. “The 12s now look forward to seeing the Hawks deflate the Patriots, and make history as repeat Super Bowl champions. Go Hawks.”

“It’s great to all do our part by wearing blue to show our community spirit and unity,” said Councilmember Kathy Lambert. “We are thankful to the Seahawks for all their dedication, determination and skill to give us the fabulous opportunity for a ‘re-pete’ at Super Bowl XLIX – Go Hawks!”

“From the fronts of our Metro buses to the tops of the cranes across our skyline, the support and civic pride our region has for our Seahawks is impossible to miss” said Councilmember Rod Dembowski. “For the second year in a row it is remarkable to watch our county come together behind one of the most unique and talented sports franchises in the nation. Even for the casual sport fan, it is hard not to get caught up in the excitement and emotion of a second straight Super Bowl run. Go Hawks!”

“This weekend, our Seattle Seahawks will be playing for their second Super Bowl championship in as many years. We all know how much dedication and hard work the players and coaches have put in, but we also need to recognize the man who made all of this possible” said Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer. “Without owner Paul Allen stepping up to purchase the Seahawks after a period of lost games and losing attendance, our region would not be able to experience this dream together as a family united under the banner of 12. With 7,000 nonprofit organizations supported and over 1,000 community service appearances, the Seattle Seahawks under Paul Allen are showing what a class act organization is supposed to look like on and off the field.”

This expansion of "Blue Friday" recognizes the impact of the “12s” support during this championship season and most notably during the historic comeback during the NFL Championship.

WHEREAS, our beloved Seattle Seahawks have carried the day in taking us to a second consecutive Super Bowl, Super Bowl XLIX; and

WHEREAS, the “12th Man” will be at the University of Phoenix Stadium in force and spirit; and

WHEREAS, because a “Sea of Blue” helped the Hawks prevail against the Green Bay Packers leading to this Super Bowl moment; and

WHEREAS, the fans have shown our pride of the Seahawks through “Blue Fridays” and the power of “Blue;” and

WHEREAS, we want our Seahawks to feel not only the seismic force of the “12” but to also see a sea of blue throughout the region for the week leading up to Super Bowl XLIX

NOW, THEREFORE, we, the King County Executive and Metropolitan King County Council, proclaim, January 26-Febraury 1, 2015 as
 “See Blue Week”

So that the nation will witness a “sea of blue” and the force of the fans on Super Bowl Sunday 2015.

Councilmembers show their Seahawks Spirit in front of a
12th Man flag in Chambers after declaring Jan 26-Feb 1
"See Blue Week" in King County.

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