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County Council calls for action on improving wage equity and promoting family friendly workplace policies


Motion calls for Executive review of recommendations from Women’s Advisory Board


The Metropolitan King County Council today gave its unanimous support to recommendations made by the King County Women’s Advisory Board for improving wage equity and promoting a family-friendly workplace. The members adopted a motion calling on the County Executive to review and take action on the seven recommendations developed by the board over the last year.

“I was proud to author this legislation, and I am very thankful for the tireless work of the Women’s Advisory Board,” said Councilmember Rod Dembowski, prime sponsor of the legislation. “Family friendly workplace policies have been found to increase employee retention, which is key for the county’s success in providing the highest level of service to our residents. Additionally, it is crucial that we finally and meaningfully address the gender wage gap. At the current rate of progress, the gender wage gap in Washington State is not projected to close until the year 2071. That fact is unacceptable and we can’t sit by and leave this problem for future generations to solve.”

“Each of the seven recommendations contained in the Women’s Advisory Board report are important topics that have the potential to improve life for women through equitable policies across the County,” said Council Chair Larry Phillips. “I look forward to the Executive’s report on these issues later this year.”
“I am proud to be a co-sponsor of this motion that encourages family-friendly workplaces and wage equity throughout King County,” said Vice Chair Jane Hague.

“I’m grateful for the work of the women who serve on this board,” said Councilmember Kathy Lambert. “Their recommendations are thoughtful and I’m hopeful that the real progress we’ve made to create family-friendly workplaces can continue.”

The recommendations were developed after more than a year’s work by the Women’s Advisory Board, which was established in 1978 to ensure that the needs, rights, and wellbeing of women throughout King County are fully considered by the County Executive and County Council.

The board’s recommendations include ways to encourage and promote family leave and workplace flexibility, as well actions to achieve wage transparency and end the gender pay equity gap.

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