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Bella and Lily Top the Most Popular Pet Names in King County


This year’s top ten pet names came from more than 27,000 pets that were registered in King County.


It’s that time of year again when kids everywhere plead for a new furry friend. If this is the year you believe they’re ready for the responsibility, then you may need help naming it, and you might be wondering how to keep it safe. The Regional Animal Service of King County (RASKC) and Metropolitan King County Council Vice Chair Reagan Dunn are teaming up again to bring you answers!

“Licensing your pet not only helps to protect your pet if it ever becomes lost, it also helps fund the life-saving work of Regional Animal Services of King County,” said Dunn. “Our pet registry awareness efforts contributed to a 10 percent spike in animal registrations last year. I’m hoping to see similar results this year”

RASKC serves nearly one million residents living in 25 cities and unincorporated communities throughout King County. This year’s top ten pet names came from more than 27,000 pets that were registered in King County.

The Top Ten Names for dogs and cats in King County are:

 Bella  Lilly
 2  Buddy  Lucy
 3  Lucy
 4  Max  Luna
 5  Daisy  Max
 6  Molly  Mia
 7  Charlie  Shadow
 8  Sadie  Buddy
 9  Maggie  Charlie
 10  Bailey  Leo


To find out the top pet names for the cities in District 9, click here.

One of the greatest benefits of registering through the RASKC is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that found pets can be reunited quickly with their owner. Your licensed pet gets a free ride home the first time it’s found, which lets you skip a trip to the animal shelter.
“A pet license helps so many animals.” said RASKC manager Gene Mueller. “It helps your pet return home quickly if they are ever lost, and it makes possible all our animal shelter’s work to rehabilitate and rehome thousands of needy animals.”

In addition to bringing lost pets home, license fees also fund efforts to bring homeless pets to new families, investigations of animal neglect or cruelty, spay/neuter programs to reduce pet over-population, and community education services. Recently, euthanasia rates in King County hit an all-time low of 12 percent which is made possible by the help of over 450 volunteers and donations. RASKC works to make sure every dollar spent is focused on the helping local pets and their owners.

This year, the RASKC has expanded its services to better help every member of King County. The website is now available in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and offers a translation service. King County residences can call animal control and speak with an officer in any language.

If you live in the RASKC service area, there are more than 300 convenient locations, including many city halls and QFC stores, in King County where you can purchase a pet license. Check for a place near you or call 206-296-7387 (PETS).

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