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Provisions made for the future of the King County Fair


“I feel it is important that these funds are set aside to ensure young people are included in this time honored tradition.”


The Metropolitan King County Council today accepted a report that outlined a plan for the County to continue providing financial support to the King County Fair, recognized as the oldest county fair west of the Mississippi. The report recommended providing the fair with $25,000 in funding for the next two years, to assist in the operation of the annual celebration of community, heritage, and local agriculture.

“The King County Fair highlights the importance of modern agriculture while also celebrating King County’s rural heritage,” said Councilmember Reagan Dunn, whose district includes the King County Fairgrounds. “I feel it is important that these funds are set aside to ensure young people are included in this time honored tradition.”

“We are proud to support the King County Fair and the unique learning opportunities it provides to 4-H participants,” said Council Chair Joe McDermott, who represents Vashon Island on the Council. “The fair showcases our region’s commitment to supporting local agriculture.”

“The King County Fair is a testament to the continued partnership between King County and the City of Enumclaw,” said Mayor Liz Reynolds of Enumclaw. “I am grateful that this long standing tradition will continued to be supported for the enjoyment and enrichment of all who visit.”

Established in 1863, the King County Fair celebrates the county’s agricultural heritage. The Enumclaw Expo and Events Association, a non-profit that works with the City of Enumclaw, now manages the Fair’s operations and partners with local groups like 4-H to host an inclusive and youth friendly event.

“I want to thank Executive Constantine and Councilmember Dunn for their continued support of this community tradition,” said Scott Gray, General Manager of the Enumclaw Expo Center. “I look forward to this year’s fair as both a way to showcase both the fruitfulness of our local life as well and the continued support and involvement the fair has from all over King County.”

As part of the adopted 2015-2016 County Budget, funds were provided for the operation of the Fair, but the Council asked the County Executive to develop a plan to provide ongoing funding for the Fair to ensure the continued success of the event. The report received by the Council includes a report summarizing the County's support for the Fair over the last decade, as well as a commitment that the Council would contribute $25,000 in Parks Levy funding to the Fair each year.

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