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Kohl-Welles Issues Statement on Unconstitutional Immigration Ban


Council Passes Motion Condemning Ban and Illegal Detentions


Metropolitan King County Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles is a releasing the following statement on the President’s unconstitutional Executive Actions effectively banning immigration based on religious identity:

“We are a nation of immigrants.

“What is occurring is reminiscent of the actions taken against those of Japanese heritage during World War II who were rounded up and held against their will in camps. That must never occur again in our country.

“I’m very much concerned that the events that have occurred since President Trump took office have not themselves been vetted for constitutionality, legality OR simple human decency. We have people arriving with visas that have been denied entry into our country. That is an outrage and goes against established custom in our country and internationally.

“We must be aware of those who might want to harm our country, state and county, but we must also recognize that any action we take must be fully in line with the constitution and our country’s laws.

“It is fully possible that Trump’s actions will exacerbate the threats to us, rather than protect us.”
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