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McDermott Issues Statement on Unconstitutional Immigration Ban


Council Passes Motion Condemning Ban and Illegal Detentions


Metropolitan King County Council Chair Joe McDermott is a releasing the following statement on the President’s unconstitutional Executive Actions effectively banning immigration based on religious identity:

“The U.S. has always been a nation of immigrants, a beacon of hope for those fleeing tyranny and for people searching for the freedom and opportunity that has been a hallmark of our nation.

“The benefit of opening our arms to immigrants has not been one way, there are over 450,000 foreign born residents in King Count—and we would be diminished without their contributions as they work to improve their lives.

“The President’s Executive Order, based on selective truths and alternatives facts, is an affront to our nation’s history and our County’s adopted principles and ordinances. It separates legal residents from their families and undermine our nation’s standing in the world.

“The motion allows us to stand for our constitution, its principles, and the laws we’re sworn to uphold.”

Passed earlier this afternoon, the Council’s action condemns President Trump’s actions as discriminatory, unconstitutional, and contrary to the county’s adopted principles and laws the Council has sworn to uphold.
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