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Gossett Issues Statement on Unconstitutional Immigration Ban


Council Passes Motion Condemning Ban and Illegal Detentions


Metropolitan King County Councilmember Larry Gossett is a releasing the following statement on the President’s unconstitutional Executive Actions effectively banning immigration based on religious identity.

“It’s difficult to see just what more can be done with this ‘additional vetting’ since everyone who is being allowed into our country have had to endure between 19 and 27 months of vetting. Their friends and families have been interviewed, the immigrants have been fingerprinted and photographed, and the CIA and FBI have looked into their backgrounds.

“The President’s Executive Order, which does not include the countries of the people who actually committed the 9/11 attack, strains credulity.”

Passed earlier this afternoon, the Council’s action condemns President Trump’s actions as discriminatory, unconstitutional, and contrary to the county’s adopted principles and laws the Council has sworn to uphold.
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