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Dunn delivers retired Metro Van to Students of Tahoma School District’s Transition Program


“It is wonderful to know this van will continue to provide a valuable service and help students learn invaluable skills”


Independence, employment, and integrating into a community are important aspects of any young person’s life. The Tahoma School District’s Student Transition Program works to provide its students those opportunities. Today, Metropolitan King County Council Vice Chair Reagan Dunn presented a retired Metro Vanpool van to the Tahoma School District to assist in providing access to job training, student recreation, and opportunities to learn key life skills.

“I am glad to have been able to procure a van for the Tahoma Student Transition Program,” said Dunn. “It is wonderful to know this van will continue to provide a valuable service and help students learn invaluable skills.”

“The transition program works with 18-21 year olds experiencing disabilities, learn how to work. Since our principle focus is job training, our vans are a very necessary part of facilitating that goal,” said Rawna Hamann, an instructor with the program. “We’re so excited to have this new van and to be able to continue taking students into the community.”

The students from the Tahoma School District’s Student Transition
Program join instructor Rawna Hamann and Councilmember Dunn
as he presents the keys to a surplus Metro Transit
Vanpool van to the program 

Tahoma’s Student Transition Program serves approximately twenty students over the age of 18 with various disabilities. Instructors work with students on developing job skills and workplace behaviors, including owning their own business. The program also helps young adults integrate into the workforce, recreation, and become successful consumers. The skills they learn are fostered through real world experiences by interacting and connecting with their community.

The van will be used by instructors to take students to local places of employment, social outings, and more. For students who are not able to drive, or fully access public transit, the van will provide additional access to real world experiences.

The retired vans have been part of Metro Transit’s vanpool fleet for at least six years and have reached the end of their service life. When the vans reach this age, they are considered surplus.

The vanpool program provides mobility for a diverse array of King County residents, supports the positive work of various local organizations, and relieves traffic congestion by reducing the need for single-occupancy vehicles. Interested organizations can contact Councilmember Dunn at 206-477-1009 or for more information about the 2018 Metro Van Pool Application process.

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