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Over more than a decade, the King County Clerk's Office succeeded in the ECR Program overall in part by smart utilization of lessons learned, some of which were brought by interim failures.  By being flexible, the Clerk's Office developed a practice of capitalizing on so-called disaster.

Early lessons included the importance of limiting the scope of each phase the ECR project to a “doable” scale, and establishing a common vision. After failing to secure funding due to insufficiently communicating "clear and immediate paybacks," the Clerk also learned the vital importance of communication. Developing a phased implementation plan provided an opportunity for the Clerk's Office to realize return on the investment throughout the decade-plus implementation timeline, and helped manage stakeholder expectations.  After an unexpected technology failure, the Clerk also learned the importance of having standby systems ready.

What follows are details of key lessons learned, some of which were identified by the roadblocks that were overcome during the development of the ECR Program.