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Most King County offices will be closed on July 4, for Independence Day.  
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Clerk's Office Notifications

King County Clerk's Systems Replacement Project

We are replacing the Electronic Records Request (ERR) and Electronic Court Records (ECR Online) systems. KC Script Portal will replace these two systems and will be available Monday, March 28, 2022.

All customers wanting to use our new KC Script Portal will be required to create a new account on or after Monday, March 28, 2022.

Customers will be able to submit new requests through ERR until Thursday, March 24, 2022, at 4:30 p.m. All requests submitted through ERR will be processed and completed accordingly.

For updates, resources, and other information related to this project, please click HERE.


The Court Clerk is the custodian of the King County Superior Court case records and responsible for maintaining the records indefinitely, some are dated as old as 1854.  Most court case records, including documents, are public records and are available for viewing at no cost in the Clerk's Office during business hours.

Sealed records access requires court approval and proof of identification.

Be sure to bring valid picture ID if you have a court order or legal authorization to access a sealed case or sealed document.

Court case records that are not open to public inspection are identified as sealed by court order or are protected by Court Rule, Revised Code of Washington (RCW) or Washington Administrative Code (WAC). Court Records are not subject to the Public Disclosure Act.

The official record for King County Superior Court cases initiated in the year 2000 and later is in electronic form.  Most case files archived since 1996 are also maintained electronically.  Paper filings, with some exceptions, are not retained. 

ECROnline King County Superior Court Local General Rule 31 Access to Court Records restricts online access to cases filed November 1, 2004 and forward, and limits the case types and documents available. However, many case documents are self-serve available online. Learn more ...

Viewing documents and case information or listening to recorded hearings in the clerk's office during business hours is cost free. To learn the cost to obtain document copies, recordings and special processing, view the Fee Schedule / Miscellaneous Fees.

The Clerk's Office accepts cash, check and credit card. ONLY checks drawn on a Washington State bank with the name and address of the payer imprinted on it will be accepted. A Cashier's Check or Money Order in U.S. funds is also acceptable.

To find a case number, click on the link below:

Records for cases filed before July 1, 1979 are stored on microfilm and are only available for viewing at the Clerk's Office downtown Seattle location, where the microfilm is stored.

Please note: The clerk's office does not provide transcripts of hearings.

Court hearings may be reported by a traditional court reporter or recorded electronically by an audio or video recorder. The court minutes for the hearing (filed document) will identify the method of reporting or recording, the start and end times of the recording, and the location (room number) of the hearing.

If a court reporter was present at the court hearing, the court reporter is the only person available to prepare a verbatim transcript of the reported proceeding. Please make arrangements for a transcript by contacting the court reporter at King County Superior Court Administration: Seattle at 206-477-1400; Kent at 206-477-2600.

If the hearing was recorded using the Court's audio system, after obtaining a copy go to theCourt-Approved Transcriptionists page to learn how to obtain a official transcript of the recorded proceeding.


Go to the Clerk's online Electronic Records Request application to submit a service request online.

You must create an account to use this feature. An e-mail address is required. Please write your account ID and Password down and save it for future reference.

There is a third party convenience fee for use of the online document/hearing request application. $2.49 for credit/debit cards and $1.49 for checks. A shipping and handling charge of $10.00 is added for documents mailed to the requester. A $10.00 deposit is required for cases prior to the year 2000.

You will need a case number and the name of the document you are requesting. For hearing requests the date of the hearing, room number, and start/stop times for each hearing you wish to have duplicated.

Documents and hearings may be returned electronically. Please check with the agency you are requesting a certified document for to determine if an electronic certified copy is acceptable. The Social Security Administration and US Federal Passport Agency require a "wet" signature and seal. (Original signature and ink/raised seal affixed to the document.)

If you do not know your case number and wish to pay the clerk a fee to research your case number please include the parties names, approximate year of filing (providing multiple years increase your success), type of case (divorce, criminal, juvenile etc.), the document name and any additional information that may assist us in locating your case number. A minimum fee of $30.00 will apply to perform the research and may be requested online as a research request.


The public access area located at the Clerk's three office locations offer customers the option to view court documents and listen to recorded hearings for free, during business hours.

Customers wishing to listen to recorded court case proceedings may do so by scheduling an appointment with the clerk's office staff at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments can be made by email or calling the copy center at the location desired.

  • email:
  • phone:
    • King County Courthouse in Seattle: 206-477-0832
    • Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent: 206-477-3012
    • Children and Family Justice Center: 206-477-6770

Same day duplication of recorded proceedings (dailies) may be obtained by providing the following information to the clerk in the copy center.  The information may be obtained from the clerk in the courtroom.

  1. Date of the hearing
  2. Recorded start and stop time
  3. Case number and title
  4. Courtroom number
  5. Hearing Judge's name

Please note, there may be a wait time of up one hour to obtain an audio copy of a same day proceeding.  This duplication service costs $25.00 per CD.  Be sure to indicate the file format you desire.  FTR is the default, however, .WAV can be requested.


Please mail to the Clerk's Office (attn: Correspondence Desk) a completed document request form specifying the documents you want to purchase. Include a daytime phone number where we can contact you if we have any questions and a self-addressed stamped envelope that is sufficient to cover return postage of the requested documents. If you wish to have your documents returned electronically please include your email address and note a request for electronic delivery.

A $10.00 deposit is required. If your deposit is not sufficient to cover your copy costs an invoice will be sent for the balance.  Your documents will be delivered once payment has been received in full.

To request a copy of a recorded court hearing, please complete the appropriate request form, CD Form-PDF, CD Form-Word, or Video/Audio Tape Form. Digital hearings may be returned electronically if an email address is provided with a request for an electronic delivery. Copies of hearing recorded on audio cassette or video cassette will be mailed. Please remember to enclose postage and handling costs and appropriate fees indicated on the forms.


Filed Superior Court case exhibits are maintained by the Clerk's Office at the King County Courthouse, in Seattle, and at the Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent (directions).

To make arrangements to view or withdrawal an exhibit, please call or email:

Be prepared with the case number, exhibit number(s) and description(s), and a contact phone number where you may be reached if clarification is needed. 

Exhibit Room Hours of Operation, Monday - Friday, excluding court holidays:

  • 9:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
  • 1:15 - 4:30 p.m.

Picture identification is required for checkout or withdrawal of case exhibits. 


Contact the Correspondence Clerk for questions regarding ordering records or if you have already initiated a service request at 206-477-0691 or email us: .

Contact the Clerk's Copy Center for questions related to recorded hearings duplication, by email at or by phone:

  • King County Courthouse in Seattle: 206-477-0832
  • Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent: 206-477-3012
  • Juvenile Court / Youth Service Center: 206-477-6770


If you have already initiated a service request please include your Service Request ID provided at the time of your submission.

If you do not have your case number you can perform a self-search or you may go the the Clerk's Electronic Records Request online application, pay $30.00 for a research fee, provide as much information as you know and the clerk will search for your case number.

If you wish to perform your own research view the Clerk's online microfiche for filing years prior to July 1979. Or, search the Washington Courts website for cases filed July 1979 to present.

  • Case Type (Civil, Criminal, Domestic, General Defendant, General Plaintiff, Name Changes, Probate)
  • Party Names (John Smith, Jane Smith)
  • Approximate year of filing (1932)  Please note: a case may have been filed in a year or more prior to any orders signed. If you were searching for a Domestic case, aka divorce, and it was finalized in 1968 it may have been filed in 1967 or earlier. Checking multiple years before and after increases your success.
You must appear in person at one of the Clerk's Office locations to obtain copies of sealed court documents or sealed proceedings. Bring valid government issued ID to verify your identity. If you are not authorized by statute or court order you will not be authorized to view the case or obtain copies.