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Clerk's Office 

Refer to Local Civil Rule 40.1 to determine if your matter shall be heard in the Ex Parte and Probate Department. Please also refer to the Ex Parte Motions and Hearings Manual and the Ex Parte Master List to see if your matter is to be presented in person or via the clerk.

What to deliver to the Clerk

  • The original proposed order(s). Please identify an original order by marking it “original.”
  • Supporting document(s). The court file is not reviewed. All supporting document(s) necessary for the court to decide the issue must be provided, including copies of all documents, such as Affidavits of Service, that are either referenced in the proposed order or are necessary for the court’s review. If you choose to include original documents for filing, please mark them as “original.”
  • Return copy/copies. Please provide a return copy of any document(s) you wish the Clerk to conform and send back to you. The Clerk will conform one copy of any document free of charge. For additional copies, please select the appropriate options on the Ex Parte cover sheet and send to the Clerk, along with the appropriate payment. (See below for additional fee information).
  • A self-addressed, stamped envelope. Please provide an envelope of sufficient size with adequate postage to cover your return copy/copies or receipt.
  • A check or money order for payment of services. Check or money order must be made payable to the "King County Superior Court Clerk" for the exact amount owed. The Clerk may accept your personal check only if your name and address are imprinted on the check and it is drawn on a bank in Washington State. Payment is required before your order(s) will be presented.
  • In addition, cash and credit cards are accepted for in-person deliveries to the clerk's office.

Mail documents to


For Seattle Cases (SEA)

 King County Superior Court Clerk
 Attn: Ex Parte via the Clerk
 516 Third Avenue, Room E609
 Seattle, WA 98104-2386

For Kent Cases (KNT)

 King County Superior Court Clerk
 Attn: Ex Parte via the Clerk
 401 4th Ave N, Room 2C
 Kent, WA 98032


Personal delivery to the Seattle or Kent Clerk's Office locations

Clerk's office directions


You may submit up to 5 orders in a single case, in one submission.  

Fees for additional related services such as certified copies, probate and guardianship letters, and writs must be paid along with the Clerk's presentation fee. Please see the Ex Parte cover sheet for specific fee information.  

If you want the Clerk to expedite the presentation of your order(s), the presentation fee is $60.00.

  • Identify clearly your original document as "Original," working copies of previously filed documents as "Working Copies," and any copy to be conformed as "Return Copy."
  • If your order is denied, the Clerk will return your unsigned order. If the order was denied due to a deficiency in the paperwork, the deficiency will be noted by the Court in a Minute Order. The Clerk will return a copy of the Minute Order, with your proposed order, for correction. You may then resubmit a corrected order as instructed by the Court. You must include a copy of the Minute Order when you resubmit your documents.
  • If you are requesting an Order to Show Cause directing the appearance of another party, you must complete the hearing date within the order. The Court will not complete your order for you.
  • Optional Ex Parte Information Sheet: Use this form if you want to ask the Court to take special note of specific information.

  • The Clerk presents orders to the Ex Parte and Probate Department only. Questions on how to present orders to be signed by an Individual Calendar Judge should be directed to the Court's Bailiff.