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In accordance with GR 7, the King County Superior Court has rescinded LMPR 1.11, effective July 1, 2020.

  (a) Hearing. In any case tried to the Court without a jury, the Court shall state its findings of fact and enter its decision on the record. Written findings at this stage of the proceedings may be in abbreviated form.
   (b) Supplemental Written Findings and Conclusions on Appeal. The Court shall enter supplemental written findings and conclusions in a case that is appealed to the courts of appeal.  The findings and conclusions may be entered after the notice of appeal is filed. The prosecution must submit such proposed findings and conclusions, together with a copy of the taped report of proceedings, to the appropriate Judge or Commissioner, and opposing counsel of record within 21 days after receiving the respondent's notice of appeal.

[Adopted effective September 2, 2014.]