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    (a) Notice and Hearing. The original of any motion together with all supporting documents (including exhibits and briefs) must be filed and copies served on all parties and the Court not later than 10:00 AM on the date the case is first scheduled for a hearing, unless otherwise allowed for good cause shown.   
    (b) Response.  The response may be filed and served in writing or may be made by oral presentation on the record, at the election of the responding party.  The responding party shall notify the Court and all other parties of the request to submit a written response not later than the expiration of the case, if applicable, or 12:00 PM on the date the case is first scheduled for hearing, whichever is earlier.  The Court may continue the hearing to permit the responding party to submit written response if the request for a continuance is made prior to expiration and the Court determines that such a continuance is in the interest of the administration of justice, or if such continuance is made by agreement of the parties.

[Adopted effective September 2, 2014.]