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    This Court will be on leave from August 3, 2022 through August 12, 2022.  Please do not note motions for consideration during this time period.  Any matters that are noted during this time will be considered upon Judge McCoy’s return to the office.

Mailing Address:

c/o King County Superior Court
516 Third Avenue, Room C-203
Seattle, WA 98104

Courtroom Number: W-817

Phone: (206) 477-9233


Bailiff: Joy Stransky

Department: 54

Assignment: Civil

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Hearing Requests

Dispositive motions are typically heard on Fridays.  Please email hearing requests to the bailiff, copy all parties, and include the following information:

  • Case name and cause number
  • Type of hearing
  • Dates requested

Dispositive motions are typically allotted one hour for the hearing. Please advise the bailiff if requesting additional time due to multiple parties or motions. 

Most other motions do not require oral argument under the Civil or Local Rules. If a party would like to request oral argument, the motion should be noted pursuant to the applicable court rules, with "ORAL ARGUMENT REQUESTED" noted in the upper right-hand corner of the working papers. If, after reviewing all briefing, the Court determines oral argument is appropriate, the bailiff will contact the parties and set a mutually acceptable time for oral argument. 

Proposed Orders and Working Papers

Parties are encouraged to use the Clerk’s Office E-Working Copies service.  Proposed orders should be submitted in Word format.  The Court does not accept working copies via email.

Stipulated and agreed motions should be served, filed, and noted for consideration two judicial days after filing in accordance with LCR 7(b)(4)(H) with a working copy of the order submitted through e-working copies.

Motions to Shorten Time

When a party wishes to request that the court consider a motion on shortened time, the underlying motion must be noted in the regular course, and a separate motion to shorten time submitted as well. Until and unless the court grants the motion to shorten time, all responses and replies should be submitted as though the motion is to be considered in the normal course. 

Pretrial Requirements

Pursuant to KCLR 40(d)(2), all trial memoranda and other trial submissions are due not later than five court days prior to trial. Please contact the clerk by email to obtain information on pre-numbering exhibits. All submissions should be made to Judge McCoy via e-working copies.

In addition, Judge McCoy requires all parties and counsel to work together to complete the Witness Examination Time Form, and that form must be submitted together with other pretrial memoranda five court days prior to trial or as requested by the Court.

If the parties intend to use depositions in trial, designations and objections shall be marked according to the guidelines provided here. Deposition designations and objections shall be provided to the Court at least five days prior to trial, along with all other pretrial materials.