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*** Please note that Judge Ramseyer’s court will be at recess from December 19- January 2, 2023, resuming January 3, 2023. Please do not note motions before the Court during this time period. Any motions that do happen to be noted during this time will be considered upon her return. Stipulated motions will continued to be processed during this timeframe and may be sent directly to the bailiff at ***

Members of the public who wish to observe the Mullen DeLand v. Pharmacia LLC, 21-2-14303-9 SEA trial taking place between 10/24/2022 through approximately 12/15/2022 in our courtroom may do so by visiting Judge Ramseyer’s YouTube channel.

Mailing Address: 

c/o King County Superior Court
516 Third Ave Room C-203
Seattle, WA 98104

Courtroom Number: W-842

Phone: 206-477-1605


Bailiff: Bren Smith

Department: 46

Assignment: Civil

Judge Ramseyer Biographical Information

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Temporary COVID 19 Procedures

Due to health concerns raised by novel coronavirus, new Emergency Orders are in place. Please reference King County Superior Court’s main webpage to review current rules set forth in those emergency orders before noting hearings before the court.

Remote Proceedings

Watch Trials Livestreamed on Judge Ramseyer’s YouTube Channel  

Appearing for Hearings or Trial by Zoom

  • Photographs or recording of Zoom proceedings are prohibited unless they have been approved by the Court in advance.
  • When appearing remotely, please remember that you are entering a virtual courtroom, and parties should conduct themselves as they would in any courtroom. Here are some court hearing tips to those who may not be familiar with Zoom or court proceedings Zoom Court Hearing Tips (2021) - YouTube.
  • Appear from a distraction-free environment where you can focus solely on the court proceedings.
  • Before entering the virtual courtroom, correctly state your screen name and the party you represent.
  • If you are a juror, the bailiff will provide you with a juror number during jury selection. If selected to serve as a juror for the duration of a trial, please change your screen name to reflect your juror number each time you login. 
  • Observers are welcome in the virtual courtroom. Any observer shall identify themselves to the bailiff when logging into the hearing and state their screen name as “Observer”. If parties anticipate a large number of observers, notify the bailiff in advance of the hearing or trial. The Court may livestream the hearing or trial on Judge Ramseyer’s YouTube Channel. Access to this channel may be found at the top of this page. Please note that videos are removed from YouTube at the conclusion of each daily session.

Rules of Conduct for this Courtroom

Before appearing in Judge Ramseyer’s court, please review the Rules of Conduct for her courtroom.

Please note that no photography or recording of court proceedings, other than the official record is allowed without prior court approval.

Trial Preparation

When preparing for trial, please review the Trial Procedures for Judge Ramseyer’s Court. They are intended to ensure an efficient trial.

When preparing for voir dire, please review the Voir Dire Procedures for Judge Ramseyer’s Court.

As part of your pre-trial submissions for trials expected to last more than 4 trial days, please complete this Estimate of Witness Examination Form and file it with Judge Ramseyer’s Court. Counsel and parties also should be prepared to provide the courtroom clerk with each witness's full name and address just before the witness testifies at trial.

Family Law Resources

Access a list of General Family Law Resources for low-cost assistance with family law matters.

For parties navigating a dissolution, please refer to the Family Court page for more information and resources. For parties without an attorney, please review the services provided through the Family Law Information Center. They are a wonderful resource to answer questions on how to navigate through your case to resolution.

Motion to Shorten Time

Before filing a motion to shorten time, please ensure you are familiar with KCLR 7(b)(10).