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Mailing Address:                                                                  rothrock-pic

c/o King County Superior Court
516 3rd Ave, Room C-203
Seattle, WA 98104

Courtroom Number: W-719

Phone: 206-477-1423


Bailiff: Renee Janes

Department: 16

Assignment: Criminal

Judge Rothrock Biographical Information

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Criminal Standard Juror Questions for Court’s Voir Dire

Civil Standard Juror Questions for Court’s Voir Dire

Court's Suggestions for Deliberation Procedures

Electronic Working Copies

If a party has submitted an exhibit, another party shall not submit a duplicate but shall cite to the first filed exhibit.

Judge Rothrock prefers to receive electronic working copies submitted to the Clerk using the Clerk’s e-Filing Application pursuant to LCR 7(b)(4)(F)(i). Please be aware working copies take some time to arrive and are not instantaneously provided to the judge and her bailiff.  Please notify the bailiff by email to if you are re-noting a motion or moving to shorten time.

Please put in the upper right corner of the working copies the date of consideration or hearing, the name of the hearing judge, by whom the documents are being presented (“moving party,” “opposing party,” or other descriptive or identifying term).

If a party’s submission exceeds the 500-page limit, you may request prior permission from Judge Rothrock’s bailiff to deliver the working copies in PDF format, either on disk or thumb drive (and delivered to the Judge’s Mailroom). Prior permission should be requested by sending an email to

Requests for Oral Argument on Non-Dispositive Motions

If you wish to have oral argument on a non-dispositive motion, please note the motion without oral argument and note "ORAL ARGUMENT REQUESTED" on the first page of your motion or opposition. Judge Rothrock will consider the request when she reviews the motion on the date noted for hearing without oral argument. If the Court decides to allow oral argument, the bailiff will contact all parties to schedule a date and time for oral argument on the motion or the Court may issue a written order.

Declarations with Exhibits and Deposition Transcripts

If exhibits submitted with a declaration exceed 25 pages, the exhibits should contain a footer identifying the document and page number as follows: EX. A, PAGE 1 OF 10, etc.  This is necessary to assist the Court in navigating through the exhibits in electronic format, which is cumbersome.  Alternatively, a party may provide hard copy binders with exhibit tabs.

The parties should refrain from filing duplicative materials.  If a party has submitted an exhibit the authenticity of which is not disputed, another party shall not submit a duplicate but shall cite to the first filed exhibit. 

If a party has submitted deposition transcripts, another party shall not submit duplicates but shall cite to the first filed transcripts.

Dispositive Motions and Hearing Requests

Dispositive motions are heard on Fridays. Requests for hearing dates are accepted by emailing or telephoning the bailiff. Judge Rothrock requires that you check with opposing counsel before scheduling any hearing in order to make sure that the date works for all counsel. Doing so reduces the need to reschedule hearings due to conflicts.

Any email request for a dispositive motion hearing must include the following:

  • Case name and cause number

  • Names, phone numbers and email addresses of all counsel

  • Type of hearing and date(s) requested

Judge Rothrock will provide additional time on hearings involving multi-party cases or complex litigation. Please advise the bailiff of your request when scheduling.

Worksheet on Trial Witnesses

Counsel shall coordinate to complete the Worksheet on Trial Witnesses and submit the worksheet to the bailiff by email no later than 5 days before trial is set to begin.