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There are no in-person hearings. On the date in the case schedule, the court reviews the court file.

Cases that have met their case schedule deadlines

  • Parties eligible for court-provided services will be contacted by the court program.
  • Some cases may not receive any communication from the court.

Cases that have NOT met their case schedule deadlines

  • Parties may receive an order setting a case conference or show cause hearing.
  • Your case may be dismissed if you fail to follow the court orders.


Copies of court orders will be sent to the email address or physical address the court has on file. Make sure to update your addresses with the court by filing a Notice of Change of Address form, available here.

Cases in compliance AFTER a show cause hearing is set

Hearings will not be stricken in advance. However, if the court record reflects that your case is in compliance, the court will enter an order to that effect at the hearing, even if parties do not appear.

If you do not know whether your case is in compliance, then you should attend the hearing.


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