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The Department of Community and Human Services (DCHS) has taken a leadership role in the development of several important regional housing and human services plans over the past ten years. These plans seek to increase collaboration across governments and service systems and improve service delivery and resource coordination countywide- all, with the ultimate goal of helping to build healthier people, families and communities. View list of regional plans at right.

DCHS Reports

Annual Report

Our annual reports offer an overview of the services and supports provided by DCHS staff and contract agencies to help at-risk youth and adults achieve more independent and productive lives. Find out more.

Human Services Recommendations Report (2007)

Human Services Recommendations Report provides an historical perspective on how human service programs have changed over the past ten years and highlights regional accomplishments, reflects the priorities for human services found in the 2007 Framework Policies for Human Services, and provides an outline for improving the stability of regional human services for the future. Find out more.

Veterans and Human Services Levy Reports

Annual reports of the Veterans and Human Services Levy provide descriptions of service improvements; the status of service and project implementation; board updates; and financial plans.

Healthy Families and Communities Task Force (2006)

The Healthy Families and Communities Task Force, convened in July 2005 by King County Executive Ron Sims, was charged with identifying the amount of financing needed to stabilize numerous services for the future; identifying possible new revenue sources; and identifying the charge, membership and appointment process for a new Regional Human Services Board. The final report was issued in June 2006. Find out more.

Task Force on Regional Human Services (2004)

To begin to address funding shortfalls for human services countywide, King County Executive Ron Sims convened a citizen Task Force on Regional Human Services. They were charged with conducting a thorough study of the regional human service system and asked to provide strategic recommendations for the future. The Task Force issued their final report and recommendations in August 2004. 

King County Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) for 2006

King County, in partnership with 34 cities and towns, receives approximately $12 million in federal funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) each year to address goals and objectives identified in the King County Consolidated Housing and Community Development Plan. The CAPER includes a summary and evaluation of how these funds were used to carry out the goals and objectives in the Consolidated Plan. The CAPER is submitted to HUD annually. Find out more

Regional Plans:

  • Veterans and Human Services Levy Service Improvement Plan
  • Mental Illness and Drug Dependency Action Plan 
  • Mental Health Recovery Plan  
  • Developmental Disabilities Services Plans 
  • King County Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report  
  • Housing and Community Services plans 
  • Adult Justice Operational Master Plan
  • Juvenile Justice Operational Master Plan
  • Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness in King County

Department Reports:

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