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Basic Needs

Through Community-Based Parenting and Peer Supports, Best Starts for Kids funds community based agencies and organizations, helping them support families with everything from food to information on child development. These investments are culturally appropriate for the communities they serve, which is especially important for sensitive services like support for breastfeeding. By standing behind these existing networks of support, King County leverages the strength of its communities and ensures they can act on their care for the kids and families who live here.

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Basic needs are the things that young children and their families need to support healthy growth and development such as diapers, cribs, car seats, formula, clothing, etc. Meeting basic needs can improve both family and child outcomes, for many reasons, including reducing stress. In 2018, the families of more than 16,700 children accessed basic necessities, including diapers, clothes, and fresh fruits and vegetables, from King County agencies funded through Best Starts for Kids.

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With a total investment of $1.7 million over three years, these Kaleidoscope Play & Learn group awards to community-based organizations will support play groups that promote positive and healthy outcomes for young children and support parents and family, friend, and neighbor (FFN) caregivers. In 2018, 10,483 people participated in Kaleidoscope Play and Learn groups, an increase of more than 26 percent from last year. These groups give families a place to play, support, and learn together. 

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Nine agencies that provide culturally responsive services to their communities received funding from Best Starts for Kids in 2018 to create a program that offers peer-to-peer support for caregivers.

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The prenatal investment funds one organization to coordinate a collaborative program effort aimed at improving pregnancy and birth outcomes through focusing on health literacy, health equity, and systems coordination throughout King County while also providing comprehensive breastfeeding support services.

In 2018, this investment fell under the category "Laying the Groundwork." Stay tuned for data!

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