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Three children run through a field at Seattle Children's PlayGarden

Best Starts for Kids connects families, educators, health professionals, and others working to provide young people with health care, healthy food, and safe and secure places to live, learn, and play. With support from Best Starts, communities are changing policies, sharing skills and best practices, and forging new collaborations that help kids and teens flourish.

How are we doing?

Healthy and Safe Environments works with community partners to create healthy and safe environments where children, youth, and families can reach their full potential: where they have access to healthy food and physical activity; where they are supported in avoiding substance use; and where their home is both physically and emotionally safe and secure.

The Adolescent Immunization Improvement Partnership brings together health care providers in a coordinated effort to increase vaccine coverage. Vaccines are broadly recognized as one of the most effective health interventions available; avoiding infection has a lifelong impact on health and opportunity. In King County, ensuring that teens and young adults receive the full complement of immunizations can help prevent infection with human papillomavirus (the virus that causes cervical cancer) and other infectious agents. Together, these community leaders are working to create equitable opportunities for young people from all backgrounds.

In 2018, this investment fell under the category "Laying the Groundwork." Stay tuned for data!

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