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To qualify for King County Mental Health Services you must meet both financial and medical necessity criteria.

You meet financial criteria if:

  • you have a King County Medicaid funded coupon through the Department of Social and Health Services

  • you have an income that is 200-percent of the federal poverty guidelines for adults and 300-percent for children and families.

AND  you meet medical necessity criteria if:

  • You have an acceptable mental health diagnosis.
  • You have symptoms related to that diagnosis,
  • You have an impaired level of functioning across life domains (i.e. at work, in school, and at home)

For children, you must also have conditions and circumstances that may contribute to the mental health diagnosis. For more information see eligibility for children.

In addition to determining eligibility, the medical criteria is also used to determine the level of service intensity needed at the time of service entry.

If you are not sure if you qualify, contact any of our mental health providers or your community service office at DSHS to see if your coupon covers King County Mental Health Services.

What if I don't qualify?

Also See: Eligibility Requirements for Authorization of Services for Medicaid Adults & Medicaid Older Adults (Access to Care Standards).

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