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High winds, power outage affect King County’s Richmond Beach Pump Station


Recreation areas that were closed as a precaution following storm-related wastewater overflows last Saturday night are now reopen to the public.


High winds knocked out power that led to a wastewater overflow from King County’s Richmond Beach Pump Station on Saturday afternoon.

The Richmond Beach Pump Station, located at 2740 N.W. 198th Street just south of Point Wells, resumed normal operation at about 3:30 p.m.

The incident lasted about 80 minutes. Crews stopped the overflow and engaged an emergency backup power system. Though crews are still investigating, they believe a substantial amount of wastewater was contained in the outfall pipe and did not enter Puget Sound.

King County will notify health and regulatory agencies, sample water quality at Richmond Beach State Park, and post signs warning people to avoid contact with the water as a precaution to protect public health.


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