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Farmers in King County river valleys: Apply for farm pad construction assistance by March 31


Agricultural landowners who work in King County’s river valley floodplains can reduce their risk of losses from flooding by building a farm pad or elevated structure, where livestock and farm equipment can be stored safely during times of high water.


Flood Control Zone District LogoKing County offers free technical bankside-farm-happy-sheep-2015_farmpad assistance tobuild new farm pads or modify existing barns and other farm structures – and applications are due by March 31 for work during the 2016 construction season.

“Nearly three dozen farm pads and elevated structures have been built over the past eight years, and they have provided farmers with significant relief and reduced loss and damages from flooding,” said King County Flood Control District Supervisor Kathy Lambert. “I encourage farmers to take advantage of the valuable technical permitting assistance being offered.”

The Flood Control District provides funding for the program, which is implemented by King County’s Water and Land Resources Division.

Farm pad proposals should be appropriately sized to help minimize the amount of fill that is brought into the floodplain, which can reduce the land’s overall flood-storage capacity.

Alternately, elevated platforms can be constructed to provide the same high-ground function of a pad without diminishing flood-storage capacity.                                                                                                                                           

Information is available at, or by calling Richelle Rose at 206-477-4815.

(photo courtesy of BankSide Farm)

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The King County Flood Control District is a special purpose government created to provide funding and policy oversight for flood protection projects and programs in King County.  The Flood Control District’s Board is composed of the members of the King County Council. The Water and Land Resources Division of the King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks develops and implements the approved flood protection projects and programs. Information is available at