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Comments wanted on King County’s plan for stormwater runoff


Every year, King County updates its plan to manage stormwater runoff, drainage issues and water pollution problems. The Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) Plan is now available for review and comment.


View of the Puget Sound To review this year’s plan, go to Comments on the plan are welcome through March 31. King County responds to and includes all public comments and shares them in the final plan submitted to the state Department of Ecology. 

County stormwater employees review their work every year based on new science or practices as they learn more about water pollution and flows. Programs include how old pipes and treatment systems can be modernized and replaced, how impacts from stormwater flows can be reduced, and about water pollution sources. 

This year’s focus includes addressing the effects of stormwater flows on natural water systems, and determining what data are needed as part of watershed-scale stormwater planning. 

The Pacific Northwest rains are part of the beauty of the Puget Sound region and a hundred years of development have transformed how the rains move across King County’s watersheds. Altering the environment – from tree removal, to filling wetlands, changing stream beds, and building roads and homes and other hard surfaces – have changes the speed and amount of runoff and harms water quality. How we use low impact or green development, adding ponds, swales and vaults can address some of those impacts to Puget Sound.

The annual stormwater plan connects our individual actions and their consequences for our waters. Personal pollution prevention starts at home with practices like using compost on our yards or repairing leaking cars. Be a part of protecting our water: Comment on the plan, attend a Natural Yard Care workshop, and fix car leaks. Find out more at