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Operators respond to protect West Point Treatment Plant from flooding in heavy rains, high tides


King County’s West Point Treatment Plant experienced an equipment shutdown early on Thursday, Feb. 9, while receiving maximum inflows of combined wastewater and stormwater and during very high tides that threatened to flood the treatment plant. The plant is currently operating in emergency bypass mode until the equipment can be put back into normal operation.


West Point Treatment Plant is operating in emergency bypass mode as a result of an equipment failure that occurred at about 2 a.m. on Thursday morning, Feb. 9, during heavy rainfall and high tides. Crews are responding to restore operations.

To protect the treatment plant from significant flooding that could severely damage equipment, West Point is operating in emergency bypass mode. Untreated wastewater is being discharged from the outfall, about three-quarters of a mile offshore and 240 feet deep in Puget Sound.

King County will continue to provide updates as this emergency situation is resolved.

King County has notified health and regulatory agencies, and is sampling water quality and posting signs warning people to avoid contact with the water over the next several days as a precaution to protect public health.

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