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Public invited to celebrate a RainWise milestone at Valley School in Seattle, Nov. 29


Celebrate community and clean water at a public event sponsored by the RainWise Program and hosted at Valley School in Seattle on Wednesday, Nov. 29 at 6:30 p.m. Meet RainWise Program experts and learn about rebates to professionally install rain gardens and cisterns that control stormwater runoff on rainy days.


The RainWise Program and Valley School invite the public to learn how local students are tackling stormwater pollution at an upcoming informational event.

The event will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 29, at 6:30 p.m. at Valley School, which is located at 3014 E. Thomas St. in Seattle.

Valley School’s six new cisterns will capture runoff from 6,295 square feet of roof area, effectively keeping nearly 27,000 gallons of stormwater out of the combined sewer system each year. Stacked in gallon jugs, that water would reach the top of the Space Needle 36 times.

The event will feature refreshments, information on rebates to install rain gardens and cisterns, and an opportunity to hear from Rain Dog Design, the contractor who designed and installed the school’s cisterns.

Valley School is one of 1,400 RainWise Program participants that are now collectively channeling runoff from over 40 acres of impervious surface to green infrastructure such as rain gardens and cisterns. The RainWise Program keeps 20 million gallons of stormwater runoff out of the sewer system each year, which controls overflows of stormwater and sewage in local waterways during heavy rains.

RainWise is a partnership between Seattle Public Utilities and King County’s Wastewater Treatment Division. The program may cover up to 100 percent of the cost to professionally install rain gardens and cisterns. Over 50,000 properties in Seattle are eligible for RainWise rebates.

Schools are often excellent candidates for the RainWise Program because they typically have large rooftop areas and parking lots that generate large quantities of runoff to control.

RainWise hopes other schools, neighbors, and community organizations in eligible basins to take advantage of this program.

For additional information on the Rain Wise program and to take a virtual tour of local projects, please visit RainWise online at