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King County to extend work hours on Magnolia pipeline repair project


King County's Wastewater Treatment Division has received permission from the City of Seattle to extend work hours on its Magnolia Conveyance Project from Monday, Feb. 26 through Thursday, March 22. Construction crews will work up to 24 hours a day in Smith Cove Park to remove debris from a damaged pipeline in preparation for permanent repairs later this spring.


Construction crews with King County's Magnolia Conveyance Project are scheduled to work up to 24 hours a day in Smith Cove Park from Monday, Feb. 26 through Thursday, March 22. 

The extended work hours were approved by the City of Seattle, and will enable crews to safely access a section of broken pipeline to remove debris and prepare the entire pipeline for permanent repairs. 

The contractor will use soil freezing to stabilize a nearby hillside as well as the walls of a construction pit. Around-the-clock work will shorten the period of time ground freezing is needed and expedite the construction schedule.

While the extended work hours are underway, neighbors may experience nighttime impacts, including increased noise, vibration and light. King County will work closely with the contractor to reduce avoidable impacts, such as not using haul trucks at night or operating unnecessary equipment. 

People with questions or concerns can contact the project's 24-hour construction hotline at 206-205-5969, or submit questions or comments through the online open house at

Additional information about the Magnolia Conveyance Project is available online.