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Manuals & Guides

Guidelines for Bank Stabilization Projects

1998 surface water design manual maps, drawings, and supporting documents

Puget Sound Shoreline Stewardship Guidebook
Ecologically sensitive tips for owners of beach and bluff shorelines.

Noxious Weed Control Best Management Practices

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Manual
Best management practices for businesses to prevent pollution in stormwater runoff

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Noxious Weed Brochures

Wastewater Treatment Division

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Wastewater Treatment Division Construction Projects

Water and Land Management in King County
A directory of services, programs and activities provided by King County DNRP's Water and Land Resources Division

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KC Weed News
noxious weed workshops and tours, and weed highlights.

Class Act
newsletter for teachers provides info about Solid Waste Division educational programs.

SciFYI Newsletter
Presenting new scientific data and information and sharing local knowledge about environmental sciences.

Unincorporated Area News
King County government's monthly newsletter for unincorporated area residents.

What's New in the Snoqualmie Watershed
News from the Snoqualmie Watershed Forum about salmon conservation and restoration.

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2010 King County Energy Plan
Detailed roadmap to improve energy efficiency and advance the use and production of renewable and greenhouse gas-neutral energy.

Boise Creek Rapid Rural Reconnaissance Report
Inventory of the Boise Creek Basin's surface water needs including its priority drainage, habitat, and water quality projects.

King County Flood Hazard Management Plan
Our guide for managing flood risks along our rivers, creeks, and shorelines. We’re in the process for creating a new flood plan by 2024.

Final WRIA 8 Chinook Conservation Plan
Long-term measures planned by multi-jurisdictional partners to restore salmon habitat and their populations in the Lake Washington, Cedar River, and Sammamish watershed.

Patterson Creek Rapid Rural Reconnaissance Report
The document will help guide the surface water-related work King County performs in Patterson Creek basin. Look up priority drainage, habitat, and water quality projects, acquisitions, studies, and programs to be funded over time by surface water management fees dedicated to King County's capital budget.

Strategic Climate Action Plan
King County's 5-year strategy to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Natural Lands Site Management Guidelines

Stormwater Management Program Document
Lays out required stormwater management activities and the processes to accomplish them, to comply with King County's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit.

Vashon-Maury Island Rapid Rural Reconnaissance Report
The document will help guide the surface water-related work King County performs on Vashon-Maury Island. Look up priority drainage, habitat, and water quality projects, acquisitions, studies, and programs to be funded over time.

Near-Term Action Agenda for Salmon Habitat Conservation
Interim measures that were to be undertaken while multi-jurisdictional partners work on a long-term conservation plan for salmon habitat in the Lake Washington, Cedar River, and Sammamish Watershed.

Final WRIA 9 Near-term Action Agenda for Salmon Habitat Recovery Planning
Interim measures that can be undertaken while we work on a long-term conservation plan for salmon habitat in the Green/Duwamish watershed.

May Creek Basin Plan
Plan addresses drainage and habitat in the area draining to May Creek, north of Renton.

Cedar River Basin and Nonpoint Pollution Action Plan Summary (1995)

Final 2001 Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan

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Large Wood Public Rule 

SEPA process
State Environmental Policy Act process and procedures.

Public Rule
Right-of-way and Drainage Facility Inspection Fees

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Technical and performance reports

Greenhouse gas emissions inventories
Find reports of greenhouse gas emissions for the King County community and King County government.

Cedar River Recreation Study
Report describing the primary boating and floating areas along the Cedar River and characterization of the floating experience for recreational users.

FARMS Report - Future of Agriculture Realizing Meaningful Solutions
Report describes the findings of a study that determining what measures King County and other agencies should take to ensure the continued success of local agriculture.

Environmental Stewardship in King County, Department of Natural Resources and Parks Annual Report 

Solid Waste Division annual report

Small Habitat Restoration Program Annual Reports

Chinook Spawner Survey Technical Reports
Greater Lake Washington Drainage - 2006

Ambient Groundwater Monitoring Results, 2001-2004
Report of groundwater samples from across King County, providing measurements of well depth and concentrations of nitrate, arsenic, lead, and iron in well water.

Biological Effects Analysis Report

Juvenile Salmonid Composition, Timing, Distribution, and Diet in Marine Nearshore Waters of Central Puget Sound in 2001-2002

White River Land Acquisition Evaluation Report
Review the lands recommended to be acquired for salmon habitat restoration and flood management.

Core Areas: A Framework for Identifying Critical Habitat for Salmon
Habitat report describing river and watershed features favorable to salmon survival.

The Current Status of Kokanee in the Greater Lake Washington Watershed

2001 Salmon Spawning Surveys in Selected Tributaries of the Cedar River, Washington

Habitat Inventory and Assessment of Three Sammamish River Tributaries: North, Swamp, and Little Bear Creeks (Acrobat format)

King County Water Quality Reports

State of the Nearshore Report
A summary of the characteristics of the Puget Sound shoreline and estuarine ecosystem in King County.

Literature Review and Recommended Sampling Protocol for Bull Trout in King County

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