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2013-2014 transfer plan review part 1 summary

Ordinance #17619Download PDF , 20 K, adopted by the King County Council on July 8, 2013, directed the Solid Waste Division (division) of the Department of Natural Resources and Parks to conduct a review of the 2006 Solid Waste Transfer Plan (Transfer Plan) Download PDF , 645 K.

The 2013 Transfer Plan review took place over a three month period of intense collaboration with cities and other stakeholders. To review presentations, meeting agendas and summaries from 2013, please visit our archives page. Following the release of a draft report in October 2013, the division continued analysis based on feedback received during four months of public comment.

The division worked closely with cities and other interested parties to evaluate numerous potential alternatives to the current Transfer Plan. On October 9, 2013, the Draft Transfer Plan Review ReportDownload PDF , 645 K was released for public comment. The comment period for the draft report closed February 3, 2014. The division considered all commentsDownload PDF , 18 K received on the Draft Transfer System Plan Review Report, and continued to analyze the data through the end of the comment period on Feb. 3, 2014. The Transfer Plan Review Final ReportDownload PDF , 800 K was submitted to Council on March 3, 2014. The Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC) and the Metropolitan Solid Waste Advisory Committee (MSWAC) have adopted motions on the Transfer Plan Review Report:

In June 2014, the Transfer Plan Review Final Report was revised and amended by the Council. The Council adopted a motion on the Transfer Plan Review Report:

2014-2015 transfer plan review part 2 summary

As directed by the County Council, the Division began the Transfer Plan Review Part 2 process in the summer of 2014.

Purpose of review

  1. Address Council motion
    By March 31, 2015, the division shall transmit a draft report to the Council, followed by a final report by June 30, 2015, prepared in collaboration with stakeholders, on strategies to manage transactions at transfer stations, as well as other operational and capital strategies such as increased use of underutilized transfer stations. The report shall address the management of transfer station transactions through the use of strategies intended to avoid excessive user wait times resulting from overutilization of individual stations. The report shall analyze options E1 and E2 in the Transfer Plan Review Report. The report shall also analyze the effect of the potential closure of the Renton Transfer Station on the self-haul service needs of residents currently served by the Renton Transfer Station, with particular attention to the accessibility and convenience provided to current transfer station clients by the Renton station, compared with drive time and potential waits associated with alternative transfer station options. The report shall analyze options for self-haul service for residents currently served by the Renton Transfer Station in the event of a closure of the station.
  2. Address recommendations of the Transfer Plan Review Final Report (Revised and Amended June 2014)
    In collaboration with stakeholders, continue to evaluate a mix of capital facilities and operational approaches to address system needs over time, including implementation of operational approaches such as transaction demand management strategies that would provide service for the northeast county without building an additional transfer station; compare trade-offs and benefits with the Transfer Plan.
  3. Address questions and concerns expressed by cities and other stakeholders
    Inform revision of the 2006 Solid Waste Transfer Plan and the pending Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan.

The draft report was transmitted to Council on March 31, 2015 and the final report was transmitted on June 30, 2015. The final and draft reports are available for review below:

June 30, 2015 Transfer Plan Review Part 2 — Final ReportDownload PDF , 17 MB

March 31, 2015 Transfer Plan Review Part 2 — Draft ReportDownload PDF , 1 MB

Feb. 12, 2015 - workshop

Nov. 17, 2014 - workshop

Transfer plan advisory committee meetings


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