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Is your class or environmental club ready to move from classroom learning to environmental action? Green Team workshops are ideal for leadership groups, environmental clubs or life skills classes interested in projects such as improving or expanding the school recycling program, stenciling storm drains with "Dump No Waste" messages, planting native gardens, or educating peers or younger students about environmental topics. Teams that complete projects are eligible to win prizes and recognition. Read about current secondary school Green Team Projects for ideas or inspiration.

To schedule a Green Team workshop or discuss project ideas, contact a Green Team specialist at 206-583-0655 or Details are available in the Green Team brochureDownload PDF , 522 .

Green team mini-grants

The King County Solid Waste Division (SWD) offers mini-grantsDownload PDF , 175 in amounts up to $200 to support educational activities related to waste reduction, recycling and resource conservation.

If you are interested in receiving funding assistance for environmental projects other than those related to waste reduction, recycling or resource conservation, please visit King County's Grants Exchange page.

Green team project ideas

Use these step-by-step guides to conserve resources and reduce waste at your school.

For additional resources on activities to green your school, go to the Waste Reduction and Recycling section of the King County Green Schools documents page.

Green Team member recycling
Green Teams can become involved in the school recycling program.
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