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School Location: Carnation, Washington

Participated in the Green Schools Program: 2002–2003

Waste reduction & recycling

  • Tolt reduced its garbage volume by more than 15 tons and saved $3,000 in garbage collection service fees.
  • How did they do it? Tolt started to recycle plastic bottles, placed two compost bins in the school's garden, and posted signs encouraging two-sided copying.

Energy conservation

  • For February and March 2003, Tolt's energy savings totaled $1,195.24, a five percent reduction in cost as compared to the same time period in 2002.
  • The heating system in one building was repaired.
  • Tolt's custodial staff replaced 42 incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lights (CFLs).
  • An automatic timer was installed on the school's reader board and pole lights.
  • Signs were placed on light switches reminding the school community to turn off lights when exiting rooms.
installing fluorescent bulbs at Tolt Middle School
Installing compact fluorescent bulbs reduced energy use and costs.

Environmental purchasing

  • Tolt purchased 60 cases of recycled-content paper for its copy machine.
  • Non-toxic cleaners were purchased and are being used by the custodial staff.

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

  • The Tolt Green Schools team worked to change the school district's policy on idling school buses.
  • Riverview School District sent a memo to all school bus drivers instructing them to turn off their engines if their buses are parked outside of schools for longer than 30 seconds. Tolt also hung a sign near its loading dock instructing delivery vendors to turn off their engines while unloading supplies.

Addressing environmental issues in the classroom

  • Two Tolt teachers attended a King County workshop on hazardous wastes and included information about hazardous wastes in their 2003-2004 curriculum.

View a copy of Tolt Middle School's completed Green Schools pledge formDownload PDF 107 K.

For more information on Tolt Middle School, contact:

Janet Gavigan, Principal
Tolt Middle School
Telephone: 425-844-4600
Selim Uzuner, Custodian
Tolt Middle School
Telephone: 425-844-4600
Pager: 206-977-2385
John Mark, Maintenance Supervisor
Riverview School District
Telephone: 425-844-4530
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