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Number of schools in the district: 27
Participation in the Green Schools Program: Schools in Bellevue School District began to participate and receive assistance in 2004. District-wide participation began in 2008.

Green School District, Level One: Achieved in May 2010
Green School District, Level Two: Achieved in May 2011
Green School District, Level Three: Achieved in May 2012

  • The Bellevue School District has completed school district criteria in Levels One, Two and Three of the Green Schools Program..
  • With assistance from both the City of Bellevue and King County, each school in the district completed school criteria in Level One (waste reduction and increased recycling), Level Two (energy conservation), and Level Three (water conservation and pollution prevention).
  • Energy conservation is a high priority for the district, which has been a leader in promoting energy awareness and implementing cost saving measures in all of its schools. Aerators to reduce water use, energy efficient appliances and lighting, and vending misers to control energy use on vending machines are just a few measures that have been installed.
  • The district uses the Washington State Sustainable Schools Protocol as a guide to build healthy, sustainable schools. Each new school that is built incorporates features that encourage efficiency.
  • At the District level, many behind-the-scenes changes have been made in an effort to conserve resources.
    • Student computers turn off automatically at 4:30 p.m. and staff computers at 5 p.m.
    • Temperature set points are at 70 degrees.
    • HVAC is scheduled off during unoccupied periods.
    • Green cleaning products are used.
    • Integrated Pest Management is used to reduce pesticide use.
Bennett Elementary School
Students in Bellevue School District are involved in conservation and outreach activities.


  • Bellevue School District received July 2012 Best Workplaces for Waste Prevention and Recycling.
  • Bellevue School District received May 2012 Recycler of the Year Award in the Youth Education Category from Washington State Recycling Association
  • Somerset ElementaryDownload PDF 200KB received a 2011 Terry Husseman Sustainable School Award for making a positive impact on the environment by teaching students and staff to reduce waste by reusing, composting and recycling both at home and at school. As a King County Green School, the school also has implemented energy conservation, “no-idle zones” and commute trip reduction initiatives.
  • International School received a 2011 Terry Husseman Sustainable School Award. The Green Club puts its mission into action by leading the school community in adopting, improving and maintaining sustainable practices that reduce energy use and waste at school. They have demonstrated successful outcomes by performing waste audits and tracking energy use.
  • Ted Cox, science teacher at Bellevue High School and advisor for Earth Bound, the student environmental club, received a King County Earth Hero at School award in April 2010. (Mr. Cox retired in 2011.)
  • Wendy Shol, a teacher at both Sherwood Forest and Bennett Elementary schools, received a King County Earth Hero at School award in April 2009 for her work with the Nike Reuse-A-Shoe Program and a Puget Sound "save the whales" project.
  • Medina Elementary School's Green Team received a King County Earth Hero at School award in April 2008 for its "Make One Change Challenge" video.
  • Thanh Nguyen, custodian at Newport High School, received a King County Earth Hero at School award in April 2008 for his efforts to boost recycling.

For more information about the school district’s conservation achievements and participation in the Green Schools Program, contact:

Nancy Larson
Manager of Facilities, Maintenance & Athletics
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