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This program level is for schools and school districts that have been recognized as Level One, Two, and Three King County Green Schools or Green School Districts. Each school and district can be recognized as a Sustaining Green School or Green School District each year it:

  • Sustains Level One waste reduction and recycling practices, Level Two energy conservation practices, and Level Three water conservation practices; and
  • Adds one new conservation practice or educational strategy.

The main focus of the Sustaining level is to involve your whole school or district in maintaining its Level One (waste reduction and recycling), Level Two (energy conservation), and Level Three (water conservation) practices and education.

To be recognized at the Sustaining level, program participants also select and complete an additional practice or educational strategy from any of the Best Practices Guides listed in the Sustaining Green School or Sustaining Green School District guide. Schools and districts will be recognized after they complete all requirements in the Sustaining Green School or Sustaining Green School District Best Practices Guide.

Best practices guides

For schools

For school districts

For assistance, please contact King County Green Schools Program manager Dale Alekel via email or at 206-477-5267.

Sustain and expand your green school practices!

Tips for continued success as a King County Green School:

  • Educate and remind! To educate new students and staff and to remind those returning to the school, make weekly announcements (over the PA system, in classrooms, and in the cafeteria) about what materials can and can't be recycled. Also make announcements about your school's waste reduction, energy conservation, and water conservation practices throughout the school year -- especially at the beginning of the school year, in early January, and in early spring.
  • Set regular Green Team meetings: Schedule meeting dates for your Green Team or other student group(s) who will work on conservation education and actions. Each year, recruit new student and staff members. Ask the King County Green Schools Program for recommendations and guidance.
  • Receive free education programs: Visit King County's Education & schools assistance for information on elementary school assemblies, classroom workshops for grades 1 - 12, and other resources.
level 4 graphic sustaining green school
Green Schools banner with "Sustaining Green School" ribbons
Green Team at Maywood Middle School
Green Team at Maywood Middle School
Jewish Day School
Student Green Team members at The Jewish Day School (Bellevue).

Share your successes!

  • Celebrate: Promote your success story by making announcements at your school, placing your highest level Green Schools' logo on your website, and including an article in a PTSA newsletter with a link to your school's success story.
  • Showcase your banner: Schools - Display your Green Schools certificate and banner with its highest level Green Schools' sticker or ribbon. Districts – Display your Green Schools certificate.
  • Recognize: Congratulate outstanding "green" students and staff. You may print certificates by using the templates on our website.
  • Mentor another school(s) in your district: The King County Green Schools Program can connect you with staff members and teams at other schools in your district who would like to be mentored by another school.
  • Hold a "Green Schools" or "Green Team" summit with other schools in your district: Organize a gathering of staff members and student leaders who want to share their successes and learn from others.
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