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LinkUp is actively working with the recycling and paving community to establish a strong, local hot mix asphalt (HMA) end market for recycled asphalt shingles (RAS) that captures the resource value of tear-off shingles and diverts this material from landfills.

National and regional markets for using RAS in HMA are developing! Across the country, twenty-two state departments of transportation, including Washington’s, have specifications allowing the use of RAS in HMA. King County Road Services Division and several other local jurisdictions allow paving with RAS in accordance with state specifications. In Washington state, at least six HMA producers have produced asphalt mixes including RAS, three of which are using it on an ongoing basis.

Current Shingles in Paving Efforts

  • Document new and ongoing use of RAS in paving projects throughout Washington state.
  • Provide market research and coordination assistance to paving engineers, project managers, and asphalt producers seeking RAS mix suppliers and other assistance related to RAS processing and use.
  • Support completion of Seattle Department of Transportation demonstration project testing RAS and warm mix technology applications.
  • Support completion of Seattle Public Utilities North Transfer Station paving using 2,397 tons of asphalt pavement including 5% RAS, representing 120 tons of asphalt shingles recycled.
  • Continue to promote awareness and use of RAS allowance in WSDOT standard specifications.

2015 Shingles in Paving Efforts

  • Promote awareness and use of RAS allowance in Washington State Department of Transportation 2014 Standard Specifications for hot mix asphalt (section 5-04, amended in April 2015).

2014 shingles in paving efforts

2013 shingles in paving efforts

2012 shingles in paving efforts

  • Continue to support successful use of RAS on King County Solid Waste Division paving projects, including maintenance paving at all the Division’s facilities and the newly constructed Bow Lake Recycling and Transfer Station.
  • Revise RAS specifications and guidelines – 2012 RAS Specification GuidelinesDownload PDF 800 K
  • Provide RAS business case and toolkit to local solid waste and transportation agencies in Western Washington.
  • Develop options for affirmative purchasing options for RAS use at King County
  • Conduct an economic assessment of the value of RAS in the Puget Sound Area
  • Provide key technical information to Washington state and local transportation agencies.
  • Keep stakeholders involved of local market developments.

2011 shingles in paving efforts

  • Support successful use of RAS on King County Solid Waste Division paving projects.
  • Foster a dialogue with regulatory agencies about sourcing, handling, and processing asphalt shingles for HMA.
  • Facilitate development of a growing supply of RAS for the local market.
  • Encourage local HMA market to use RAS.
  • Support WSDOT and the Washington Asphalt Pavement Association in developing specifications for the use of RAS in HMA.
  • Keep stakeholders informed of local market developments.

Puget Sound paving with RAS

The following agencies and organizations have completed one or more paving projects using RAS in HMA on roads and other asphalt pavement applications:

  • Washington State Department of Transportation
  • King County Road Services Division
  • King County Solid Waste Division
  • King County Metro Transit
  • King County Facilities and Maintenance Division
  • King County Parks Division
  • Seattle Department of Transportation
  • Seattle Public Utilities
  • City of Bellevue
  • City of Tacoma
  • City of Lakewood
  • City of Puyallup
  • Madigan Army Medical Center
  • Vashon Center for the Arts
  • Washington National Guard (Pierce County Readiness Center – Camp Murray)
  • Medline (Lacey)
  • Fred Meyer (Distribution Center)
paving project
paving display map
Display of state Departments of Transportation using RAS across the country.
paving event
Kevin Kelsey of King County Materials Laboratory speaks about new specification for use of RAS in hot mix asphalt.

2010 shingles in paving efforts

  • Shared paving demonstration results with key audiences (local stakeholders, and state and national conference participants).
  • Revised RAS specifications and guidelines based on 2009 paving demonstration experience – 2010 RAS Specification GuidelinesDownload PDF 1.2 MB
  • King County Materials Lab conducted 1-year performance testing of the demonstration pavement, which yielded favorable results. View the reportDownload PDF 950 K. View the test section layoutDownload PDF 240 K.
  • Engage HMA producers and key transportation agencies in Washington State.
  • Developed specifications for use of RAS on a King County Solid Waste Division paving project.
  • Placed articles in trade publications to reach key audiences (see Resources).

2009 paving demonstration

LinkUp and its partners completed a paving demonstration in September 2009 to test the use of RAS in HMA on a public road in King County. Learn more about the paving demonstration and view the final reportDownload PDF 1.4 MB and appendicesDownload PDF 2.2 MB.

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