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Project area

The project is located on both banks of the Raging River near Fall City at River Mile 0.0-1.5.


This project start year is still to be determined.

Project goals

  • This project will study the feasibility of setting back parts of existing levee systems on both banks of the Raging River to reduce the flooding risk to dozens of homes and the central business district of Fall City.
  • The setbacks would increase the capacity of the river channel and improve the angle at which the Raging River passes under the Preston-Fall City Road Bridge.
  • The setbacks under consideration would also increase the possibility of a low-impact gravel removal project to offset continuing sedimentation. 


  • Fall City levees were raised in 1997, but the channel continues to fill with gravel, reducing the river’s ability to convey floodwaters, especially downstream of the Preston-Fall City Road Bridge.
  • This limitation, combined with a constrained channel and the angle at which the river passes under the bridge, increases the risk of flooding to Fall City.
  • The actions under consideration would require acquiring land or easements on up to seven parcels on the left bank and up to 31 on the right bank of the river. The project could result in removing up to five homes from the floodplain.
  • The main partner for this project is the Snohomish Basin Salmon Recovery Forum and Committee. Other key stakeholders are Fall City residents, the Snoqualmie Tribe, King County Department of Transportation and Seattle Department of Transportation.

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