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On March 27, 2017 WLRD Division Director Josh Baldi signed the Decision to Proceed for the Riverbend Mobile Home Park Demolition Project. The Notice of Action was posted and advertised on March 31, 2017 and will remain in effect through April 28th, 2017. These documents are attached here for reference 

Notice of Action
Demolition Decision to Proceed

Project area

The project site is on the left bank of the Cedar River at River Mile 7.5.


The project started in 2013.

Project goals


  • Levees built in the 1960s and 70s line both sides of the river in much of this reach which constricts the river and increases the speed and height of the river's flow.
  • The levees are susceptible to erosion, allowing the river to carve into its banks. The levees also limit diversity of the instream conditions, reducing habitat in the river and allowing little room for a healthy plant buffer along the riverbank.
  • This reach of the river is subject to rapid erosion and channel migration, as seen most dramatically in 1990 when the river washed away a portion of the levee and undercut several mobile homes.
  • Current land use is primarily residential, so the greatest risk is to public safety from deep fast flows or sudden changes under flood conditions.
  • Riverbend Mobile Home Park Flooding Risks, July 22, 2013 presentation (PDF, 3.2MB)
For more information about the Riverbend Mobile Home Park Acquisition Project, please contact Janne Kaje, Regional Partnerships Unit Supervisor