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Grants Program

Grants from a variety of sources are pursued to fund flood hazard reduction projects and programmatic activities that mitigate flooding problems throughout the county. The majority of grant-funded projects target repetitively-flooded areas. Each grant program is slightly different and contains its own unique set of guidelines.

The Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) is only available following a presidential disaster declaration. The State of Washington became eligible for this program following the December 2007 severe storm and flooding disaster, and King County recently submitted two HMGP applications for funding consideration. One of the applications proposes to elevate structures located within flood hazard areas on the lower Snoqualmie River in the vicinity of Snoqualmie River Road and on Kimball Creek in the vicinity of the City of Snoqualmie. The second grant seeks to acquire, from willing sellers, repetitively-flooded homes on the South Fork Skykomish River, the Cedar River, and Kimball Creek. Both grants include seventy-five percent federal funding and require a twenty-five percent local fund match, half of which will be covered by the State of Washington.

We will be in direct communication with property owners included in our grant applications, but you may also check this website periodically for updates related to our active grant applications.

2008 HMGP

  • June 30, 2008 – Applications submitted to Washington State Emergency Management Division (EMD) for preliminary review
  • December 7, 2008 – Applications recommended for funding by EMD must be sent to FEMA for final review by this date
  • Mid – Late 2009 – Grants awarded

2007 FMA

The Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) Program offers grant funding to reduce or eliminate flood claims under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). King County submitted an FMA grant in February 2007 to elevate structures in three repetitive loss areas. The status of this grant is outlined below:

  • One home elevation completed
  • Two home elevations under construction
  • Two home elevations and one barn elevation under permit review
  • One home elevation in plan preparation
  • Grant being revised to add two alternate projects
  • March 1, 2009 – Grant project completion deadline

Recent Grant Submittals

In June 2008, FEMA began accepting applications for their hazard mitigation assistance grants. King County’s River and Floodplain Management Unit submitted two applications for grant funding by the December 1 deadline, and the applications were filed under the following two programs:

  • Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) – Funds hazard mitigation planning and mitigation project implementation prior to a disaster event.
  • Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) – Funds the implementation of activities that seek to reduce the long-term flood risk to buildings insurable under the National Flood Insurance Program.

One application was submitted for consideration under the PDM program, and this application proposes to purchase two homes from willing sellers along the Snoqualmie River in the vicinity of Fall City. The properties are adjacent, and both homes are considered by FEMA to be “repetitive loss”—a designation that arises as a result of past flooding damages. Home buyouts conducted in accordance with the PDM guidelines require a twenty-five percent local fund match, which will be funded by the King County Flood Control District.

A second grant application was submitted for consideration under both the PDM program and the FMA program, and the proposal in this application is to elevate four residential structures at least three feet above the elevation of the 100-year, or 1% chance, flood. The elevation projects are located in four separate geographic areas: 1) on the Lower Snoqualmie River in the vicinity of Duvall, 2) on Kimball Creek in the vicinity of the City of Snoqualmie, 3) along the South Fork Snoqualmie River in the vicinity of North Bend, and 4) along a tributary of the South Fork Skykomish River in the Town of Skykomish. One of these properties is considered “severe repetitive loss” and another is considered “repetitive loss.” All four homes are in areas of high flood risk. A twenty-five percent local fund match is also required for this proposal, and for home elevations the matching funds are the responsibility of the property owner.

For questions about the floodplain grant programs please contact John Koon, Maintenance Supervisor - River and Floodplain Management Section.