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About the project    

King County is engaged in onging maintenance work to address critical safety issues on the Green River levee system.

Portions of the levee maintenance road also serve as a recreational trail along the Green River in Kent. Occasionally, trail segments have to be closed due to heavy trucks and equipment operating on the levee maintenance road that also serves as a trail. Work includes the removal of stumps, dense hedges, weeds, fences and debris and replacement of stormwater outfall structures.

In order to ensure the safety of trail-users and work crews, trails-users are asked to abide by those occasional trail closures. Every effort is made to minimize the amount of time a trail segment is closed.

Trail-users are encouraged to sign up on this page for updates or follow #GreenRiverTrail @KCDNRP on Twitter for current and upcoming closure schedule.

Other Green River projects

For more information, please contact John Koon, Maintenance Program Senior Engineer, King County River and Floodplain Management Section.

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You can also follow #GreenRiverTrail @KCDNRP on Twitter and like the King County Rivers Facebook page (external links).