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Update as of 06-30-2017

The Fairwood Park Stormwater Improvement Pipe Replacement Project awarded the construction contract, C01111C16, to Active Construction, Inc. in February of 2017. Construction work began 6/29/2017. The work is expected to last through mid-October of this year. It will be followed by plantings later in the fall or winter. If you have any concerns, please contact the Project Manager listed below.


This project will repair a pipe and install fish passage features.  A portion of the funding for this project comes from the Fairwood West Homeowners’ Association and the King County Flood Control District Flood Control Grant.

A 100 foot pipe segment is rusted and is in need of replacement.  Alternatives were identified and evaluated.  The goal of the project is to replace the pipe in order to maintain proper hydraulic function and stability while providing fish passage.  Normally, old deteriorated pipe would be replaced with the same size pipe.  However, because Molasses Creek is a stream known to be used by fish or meets the physical criteria to be potentially used by fish, state fisheries regulations require that the pipe meet current fish passage guidelines.   The project is located in the vicinity of 134th Avenue Southeast and Southeast 163rd Street.

Aerial photo: Fairwood Park Division 4 Stormwater Improvement Pipe Replacement

Project description

The Fairwood Park Division 4 Stormwater Improvement project will replace an old deteriorated 100-foot long segment of 48-inch diameter metal pipe that conveys Molasses Creek underneath a park area within the Fairwood Park Division 4 subdivision.  The work will include providing fish passage into the pipe system.

Fairwood Park metal stormwater pipe

Project timeline

Benchmark Targeted completion date
Community Outreach
Alternative Analysis
1st Quarter 2015
Preliminary Design
1st Quarter 2015
Final Design
3rd Quarter 2016
2nd Quarter 2016
Invitation to Bid
4th Quarter 2016
3rd Quarter 2017
Operation & Maintenance Manual
1st Quarter 2018

Project documents

  • Preliminary Geotechnical Report
  • Alternative Analysis Report

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Lead agency

 This project is being designed and managed by the King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, Water and Land Resources Division, Capital Services Unit.  Our primary goal is to implement Surface Water Management Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects by planning, designing, constructing and managing multidisciplinary teams and stakeholders.

Drainage problem?

For King County, report drainage problems online or call 206-477-4811.

For questions about the Fairwood Park Division 4 Stormwater Improvement Pipe Replacement, please contact Rachel Berryessa, senior engineer, WLR, Capital Services Unit