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This stormwater management project will replace the aged pipe system in Madsen Creek. Approximately 440-feet of pipe (consisting primarily of 24-inch and 48-inch-diameter pipes) and drainage structures (catch basins) will be replaced. It is anticipated that the pipe system will be replaced with larger pipes/culverts and an engineered stream channel that can provide fish passage along the existing stream corridor.

Other work at the site includes adjustments to the remaining pipe and catch basin system downstream of the new pipe system channel as well as planting a new riparian corridor along both sides of the new stream channel. The total project area just under an acre.

King County is coordinating closely with the Fairwood Greens Homeowners’ Association, the Fairwood Country Club and Golf Course, the primary landowner and other stakeholders. The project requires multiple permits to ensure the project is following regulations and compatible with existing and projected land uses and plans.

Outfall of pipe system to be replaced
Outfall of pipe system to be replaced


The project is located within the Fairwood Country Club and Golf Course property and adjoining the Fairwood Greens neighborhood near the 15100 block of Southeast Fairwood Boulevard in unincorporated King County near the City of Renton.
Madsen Creek tributary 0306a project site area

Project timeline

Benchmark Targeted completion date
Community outreach Ongoing
Consultant solicitation May 2021
Alternative analysis 2022
Preliminary design 2023
Final design 2023
Permits 2024
Construction 2025
Transfer of operation and maintenance of system to Roads and Facilities Maintenance 2026

Lead agency

The King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, Water and Land Resources Division, Stormwater Services, Capital Services Unit. Our primary goal is to implement Surface Water Management Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects by planning, designing, constructing and managing multidisciplinary teams and stakeholders.

For questions about this project, please contact Rachel Berryessa, project manager, WLRD Capital Services Unit.