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Public involvement opportunities

Two opportunity to provide feedback about stormwater drainage problems in your area.

    April 20 - May 20, 2021
    Take our short, online survey to tell us where you are seeing stormwater drainage problems such as ponding, erosion and oil sheens. The survey is offered in multiple languages, including Spanish and Vietnamese.
    Please visit anytime during the four-week survey period and share your information! Your input will help identify future stormwater management projects for the Skyway-West Hill area.

    Tuesday, May 4, 2021
    6-7 p.m.

    The project team will share information about the study, allow time for questions, and gather comments on the stormwater problems in your community. The meeting will be recorded and posted on the project website for those who are unable to attend.
    Join via Zoom
    Meeting ID: 974 7965 4231
    Passcode: SKYway2021
    Dial by your location- 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
    Meeting ID: 974 7965 4231
    Passcode: 9859883691
    Interpreter assistance is available by request. Call at
    Call 206-477-4800 to request an interpreter or 206-477-3589 to speak with a native Vietnamese speaker.


Skyway ParkKing County is studying the drainage basin within the Skyway - West Hill community.  The County is evaluating the retention/detention facility needs to correct existing stormwater problems and prevent future ones.  The study is called out in the Skyway-West Hill Action Plan (SWAP) completed in 2016.

In addition, the project list from the West Hill Drainage Study (1999) will be updated.  The potential impacts from development lots will be assessed on water quality, flow control, and conveyance capacity.  Any potential stormwater projects will be added to the existing project list in the area and develop a prioritized the list of actions.

The project activities include:

  • Evaluate the Skyway - West Hill drainage area for potential stormwater project sites for flow control, water quality, habitat restoration and or fish passage. This includes issues such as erosion and sedimentation in the drainage area. 
  • Identify areas that were developed or redeveloped as a means to increase density but result in little or no flow or water quality control and evaluate surface water impacts due to the increasing impermeable areas.
  • Connect with the community of Skyway - West Hill to identify any drainage areas of concern or potential areas of concern, not already identified by King County.
  • Prepare an action plan, and identify criteria, for prioritizing potential projects for design and construction. 
  • Identify the cause of drainage flooding/erosion problems.


The study area (in white color) consists of the unincorporated area of King County referred to as West Hill, Skyway, Bryn Mawr, Earlington, Lakeridge, Campbell Hill, and Panorama View, south of Seattle.
Skyway map

Project timeline

Benchmark Targeted completion date
Community outreach Tuesday May 4, 2021, 6pm-7pm
Final drainage study Winter 2021

Project documents

Lead agency

The King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, Water and Land Resources Division, Stormwater Services, Capital Services Unit. Our primary goal is to implement Surface Water Management Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects by planning, designing, constructing and managing multidisciplinary teams and stakeholders.

To share information about existing stormwater problems in the Skyway – West Hill area or for questions about the Skyway - West Hill Drainage Study Project, please contact Hung Huynh, project manager, WLRD Capital Services Unit.