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On December 16, 2012, the King County Council passed Ordinance No. 17451 regarding surface water management (SWM), revising surface water management service charges, and revising rate adjustments for nonresidential land parcels. As a result, changes were made to the SWM fee discount program for nonresidential parcels served by one or more types of stormwater controls that mitigate the flow and water quality impacts of runoff from impervious surface.

These changes establish a tiered system of discounts that recognize the benefits of various levels and types of stormwater facilities and best management practices (BMPs) maintained by the property owner. The standards, rules, and procedures for how these discounts are applied to individual parcels are in the 2013 SWM Fee Protocols.

The 2013 SWM Fee Protocols were revised in January 2017 to incorporate the new rates approved by the King County Council in November 2016.
The SWM Fee Protocols are defined in King County Code (KCC) Chapter 9.08 as the standards and procedures that have been adopted in KCC chapter 2.98.

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