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Several documents and resources on this page have been translated in several languages.

Public engagement

King County offered three online workshops (in English with real-time Spanish interpretation) to share technical details about specific Actions. Actions are specific programs or sets of projects that address one of the Decision Areas the Plan needs to consider. The workshops happened April 20, May 13, and May 25.

Clean Water Plan - 2020 Outreach Summary . January 2021

This report provides a summary of what we heard from the public in 2020. Community priorities will inform King County’s Clean Water Plan efforts going forward.

Video: Regional Engagement: A Year in Review (2020)

Video: Participación regional: Resumen anual (2020)

Clean Water Plan Questionnaire

We know that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on everyone. We are changing the ways we communicate to reflect current and future health and safety needs. Please answer a few questions to tell us the best way to communicate with you.

It’s available in English and other languages.

You can also download printable questionnaires in English and other languages and send it back to us – postage paid. Contact us if you or your community would like us to print and mail you hard copy questionnaires.

To learn more about the issues and some of the actions we are exploring as we make the Clean Water Plan, see the final two tabs from our Scoping Online Open House, Spring 2020.

Scoping Online Open House, Spring 2020

The purpose of this online open house is to invite public comment on the scope of the draft environmental impact statement. The final two tabs provide an overview of the issues and some of the actions the Clean Water Plan process is exploring.

Wastewater Treatment Webinar: Realities & Reinvestment

March 25th, 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

Learn about how King County is planning for a clean water future! This Clean Water Plan webinar is a chance to hear directly from King County staff about the issues facing the region’s wastewater system. The topic for this webinar will focus on wastewater operations. Spanish interpretation and closed captioning will be available.

Webinar (English)


Webinar (Español)


Meeting materials:

Clean Water Plan - 2019 Outreach Summary . January 2020

A key part of this Clean Water Plan is listening to communities on the best ways to make these investments. When we hear from people who are affected by these plans, we all benefit.

The Clean Water Plan needs to reflect the range of needs and priorities of the many people who live here – for example, those who pay utility bills, who fish in Puget Sound, and who enjoy our beautiful beaches. That is why King County began a community engagement effort in fall 2018. We asked community members to share what is important to them when thinking about the future of our communities, our health, and our environment. We want to hear from community members about the best ways to use and take care of our water for decades. This report provides a summary of what we heard from the public from fall 2018 to fall 2019. Community priorities will inform King County’s Clean Water Plan efforts going forward.

Online Open House: July – December 2019

King County launched an online open house and public questionnaire to begin the conversation about clean water and collect feedback on community priorities. The online open house and questionnaire opened July 9, 2019. While the questionnaire closed November 1, 2019, the online open house remained open through the end of the year.

Clean Water Conversation Workshop

Monday, May 20th, 12:30 – 4:30 p.m.

We held a community conversation about the Clean Water Plan to hear from you what’s important to you when thinking about the future of our communities, our health, our environment, and how we use and take care of our water for decades to come.

Meeting materials:

Community Interviews - Summary . June 4, 2019

The King County Clean Water Plan team conducted community interviews in early 2019. Feedback and common themes from these interviews will inform the Regional Engagement Plan at large, provide a foundation from which to tailor engagement and messaging as we move forward, and provide important information about community priorities to the Planning Team.

Clean Water Plan Advisory Group

King County has organized a Clean Water Plan Advisory Group to provide strategic advice on the planning process. The County will use the advisory group’s input, along with other people’s input, to develop a plan that helps guide future actions around water quality. We will share what we hear with the King County Executive and Council who are responsible for making final decisions. We are committed to a fair and inclusive planning process. The Advisory Group is an important venue for drawing in new perspectives and experiences and providing advice on how to break down barriers to involvement and hear from all kinds of people — including long-time participants in water quality discussions and new, interested parties.

Advisory Group Membership List (updated March 1, 2021)

The Clean Water Plan Advisory Group generally meets quarterly. Briefing materials and meeting summaries are archived below. The materials reflect the discussions held at points in time in the planning process. The planning process continually evolves in response to input received and with the development of technical information. Therefore, past meetings briefings and summaries reflect some content that is no longer applicable to current plan development work.

Clean Water Plan Elected Officials’ Workshops

King County is hosting workshops to inform and engage elected officials throughout WTD’s service area on the development of the Clean Water Plan, in preparation for the decision-making process in 2022. The County will use the elected officials’ input, along with other people’s input, to develop the Plan.

A series of five Elected Officials’ workshops are planned. These meetings are subject to the Open Public Meeting Act. There will be a public Zoom link available for this meeting and the public can connect with the County’s Wastewater Treatment Division staff if they have follow up questions (email us at

Clean Water Plan Elected Officials’ Workshop #1, March 31, 2021

Clean Water Plan Community-Based Organization Partnership

The Clean Water Plan is partnering with community based organizations (CBOs) as trusted advocates in the community who are experts in the best ways to engage historically underrepresented populations in WTD’s long-range planning. Throughout this engagement process, WTD is committed to centering the voices of native peoples, communities of color, immigrant and refugee communities, limited English-speaking communities, low-income people and individuals with disabilities. WTD is seeking to advance King County’s equity and social justice mission by investing in community partnerships and compensating organizations for implementing engagement and outreach work for the Clean Water Plan. WTD is working with ECOSS , a subconsultant on the Clean Water Plan Regional Engagement Team, to recruit, develop a memorandum of agreement, onboard and support CBOs during engagement. CBOs will be compensated for a 12-month period for their partnership.

Partnering organizations

Lessons learned during partnership pilot

At the end of the first year of the Clean Water Plan’s CBO partnership pilot, community partners came together virtually with the Clean Water Plan team to participate in a Learning Circle and share lessons learned. The Learning Circle aimed to center the experiences and feedback of the CBO partners and is summarized in the Clean Water Plan: 2020 Community-Based Organization Partnership Learning Circle Report .

Young Women Empowered

Young Women Empowered worked with environmental studies undergraduate students at the University of Washington to create this video (also available in Spanish ) to share information about the Clean Water Plan with their target audiences including youth and students. The video highlights student perspective on the role and importance of water, how the water we use gets cleaned, and how the community can get involved with the Clean Water Plan.

Urban League

The Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle produced this video to inform their communities about the Clean Water Plan and to promote a questionnaire about community priorities from May to June 2020. The video highlights why water quality issues are important and can impact utility bills, wildlife, environment, and public health.

2020 Urban League Questionnaire Summary , October 2020
This document provides a summary of responses to a 2020 community questionnaire conducted by The Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle from May to June 2020. The questionnaire focused on people’s relationship with Puget Sound, rivers, lakes, and streams, and what’s important to them when thinking about the future of our waterbodies.

Documents and resources

Actions: Characterizing Water Quality Investment Options , Sections 1.0-5.0, April 2021
This document presents conceptual technical details of the Actions developed during the planning process for the Clean Water Plan. Actions are specific programs or sets of projects that address particular wastewater or water quality challenges. Actions are not standalone water quality solutions; rather, they are building blocks that will be shaped and combined in different ways throughout the planning process.

  • This document will be published from April-May, 2021 in three editions. Each edition will add new material to the existing content. New material will available in advance of each of the Technical Workshops .

Existing Conditions Report , April 2020
This report presents an overview of current demographic, water quality, and wastewater infrastructure conditions in King County and Puget Sound.