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Capital improvement projects at West Point Treatment Plant focus on protecting ratepayer investments through improving system reliability, protecting worker and public safety and the environment, and increasing efficiency.

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Highlighted Projects

  • West Point Treatment Plant power quality improvement
    Power disruptions at the West Point Treatment Plant can cause equipment shutdowns, and when this happens during heavy rain, the facility is overwhelmed and untreated sewage and stormwater flows into Puget Sound. The purpose of the project is to rapidly identify and implement solutions to improve the reliability of the plant’s electrical power supply.
  • West Point Treatment Plant raw sewage pump replacement
    The purpose of this project is to replace the Raw Sewage Pump system and implement structural improvements to the facility. Construction is expected to begin as soon as 2024.
  • West Point Treatment Plant biogas pipe replacement
    The purpose of this project is to replace parts of biogas piping connected to the digesters at West Point that have leaks or corrosion.
  • West Point Treatment Plant power monitoring upgrades
    King County Wastewater Treatment Division has a comprehensive maintenance program for our facilities. As part of our system maintenance, we will replace four electrical switchgears at West Point Treatment Plant 2022 - 2024.
  • West Point Treatment Plant sedimentation tanks seismic upgrade
    West Point Treatment Plant is undergoing upgrades to make the facility more resilient in the event of an earthquake. We are improving large enclosed sedimentation tanks that play a key role in the wastewater treatment process.
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For more information about capital projects at West Point Treatment Plant, please contact Ryan Harlow, Community Services,, 206-848-0814.

24-hour emergency and odor reporting: 206-263-3801
Administration: 206-477-9800

1400 Discovery Park Blvd.
Seattle, WA 98199

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Did you know?

WPaerial_1974-v-1999From then to now: Since 1974, when open sludge lagoons were present on the South Beach at Discovery Park, West Point Treatment Plant has been upgraded to provide award winning wastewater treatment service to our growing region, protecting Puget Sound water quality. Covering treatment processes, installing odor scrubbing equipment, and modifying maintenance practices helps to control odor. Landscaping improvements have restored shoreline areas to a natural area with public access.