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King County is the largest jurisdiction in the United States to conduct all elections by mail. The county has 1.28 million registered voters, a number that continues to grow each month. It is the 13th-most populated county in the country and home to one third of Washington’s voters. 關於我們 金郡是美國境內以郵寄方式進行所有選舉的最大管轄區。 金郡擁有128萬名登記選民,而這個數字每個月不斷地增長。 金郡是全國第13大人口最頻密的郡,且是華盛頓州三分之一選民的家。

Led by Julie Wise, King County Elections is staffed by approximately 70 dedicated full-time employees who have a strong sense of pride and commitment to the work they perform. Working with the Executive and Council, Elections has implemented more than 300 reforms since 2004. We have an ongoing commitment to establish open and transparent processes. 在Julie Wise領導下,金郡選舉部聘用大約70名全職員工,均具有貢獻精神, 並對其工作有着強烈的自豪感和責任感。自2004年以來, 選舉部並肩與郡長及議會合作,已實施了300多項的改革。 我們一直致力於建立開放和透明度的流程。

King County Elections conducts accurate, secure and accessible elections, providing an important opportunity for county voters to participate in their government. The countywide vote-by-mail system allows us to provide outstanding service to residents, including the opportunity for public observation. Visitors are welcome to tour the 360-degree observation loop during business hours. 金郡選舉部實施準確、安全和方便的選舉, 以提供一個重要的機會,讓金郡選民能參與他們的政府。 該全郡性以郵寄方式進行投票系統允許我們為居民提供優秀的服務, 包括公眾觀望的機會。歡迎訪客在辦公時間內參觀360度觀察循環。

King County Elections is a well-respected leader within the elections community for its programs, outreach and education, accessible voting advocacy and technology innovations. Voters can confirm their registration and track their ballots’ progress online. We also provide online candidate filing, with more than 90 percent of candidates now filing on the Web. 由於金郡選舉部的項目、外展及教育、 方便投票的倡導和科技上的創新, 使其在選舉的機構團體中成為一個備受尊崇的領導。 選民可以在網上確認他們的登記,並可追蹤其選票的進程。 我們亦提供候選人通過網站申報職位,今年已有超過90%候選人在網上申報。

King County produces all voting materials in English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Spanish. The county also employs a full-time translation staff to assist voters. 金郡出版的所有選舉資訊均有英文、中文、韓文、越南文和西班牙文版本。 本郡還僱用全職翻譯工作人員以協助選民。

Vision 願景

To be the leader in providing inclusive elections. 成為提供包容性選舉的先鋒。

Mission 使命宣言

We conduct fair, open and accurate elections. 我們實施公平,開放和準確的選舉。

2016 - 2018 Priorities 2016至2018年優先事項

Voter Access 方便選民

Actively identify and work to remove barriers to voting at both the individual and community level. 積極查明及努力地排除在個人和社區層面投票的障礙。

Relationships 關係

Strengthen relationships with community and governmental partners. 加強與社區及政府合作夥伴的關係。

Employee Development 員工發展

Create a culture of professional growth and development, openness and inclusion. 創造一個專業成長和發展,開放和包容的文化。

King County Elections: A Timeline 金郡選舉部:時間表

  • 2016

    For the first time King County Elections received and processed more than 1 million ballots in the November general election. More than half of those ballots arrived via a ballot drop box rather than the mail. [More] 十一月的普選是金郡選舉部有史以來首次收到及處理了超過一百萬個選票。那些收到的選票有超過一半是通過選票投放箱而不是透過郵寄方式。 [更多]

  • 2015

    During the 2015 primary election, the Secretary of State's office completed a mandated 5-year procedural review of King County Elections to ensure compliance with 77 state statutes, 63 state rules and three pieces of federal legislation. [More] 在2015年初選期間,州務卿辦事處向金郡選舉部完成了一項規定的5-年程序審查,確保其遵守了77個州法規,63個州條例,以及三條聯邦制定法律。 [更多]

    Julie Wise is elected as Director of King County Elections. Julie Wise 被民選為金郡選舉部部長。

  • 2012

    Sherril Huff becomes the first elected Director of King County Elections. Sherril Huff成為第一任的民選金郡選舉部部長。

  • 2009

    First election year that Washington state becomes entirely vote-by-mail. 華盛頓州成為以全郵寄方式投票後的第一個選舉年。

    Elections launches our online mail ballot tracker, allowing voters to track their ballot’s progress online, verifying its location at three different points. [More] 選舉部推出了網上郵寄選票追蹤器,容讓選民可從網上跟蹤其選票的進程,在三個不同點核實其位置。 [更多]

  • 2008

    King County citizens vote to make the elections director an elected position. Elections director was previously an appointed position. 金郡市民投票使選舉部部長成為民選職位。選舉部部長以前是受委任的職位。

    Last year that polling sites are used. 去年曾使用該投票站。

  • 2006

    Online candidate filing is available. 提供候選人網上申報。

    King County Elections established the Disability Advisory Committee to provide feedback, input about new voting equipment, and how to best reach their community. As a result, input from a community advisory committee became Washington State law and a requirement of every county. 金郡選舉部設立了殘疾諮詢委員會,以提供有關新投票設備,以及如何最能接觸其社區的反應及意見。這導致了社區顧問委員會的意見成為了華盛頓州法律,並且是每一個郡的要求。

    The National Association for County Recorders, Election Officials and Clerks awards King County Elections the “Best Practice Award” for mail ballot processing, specifically the significant efforts to improve ballot count accuracy and implement nationally recognized quality control standards, such as Lean Six Sigma goals. 全國郡記錄員、選舉官員和書記協會頒發金郡選舉部「最佳實踐獎」。金郡選舉部獲獎是由於郵寄選票處理,特別是其重大努力去提高選票統計精確度和執行國家公認的質量控制標準,例如 Lean Six Sigma目標。

  • 2005

    King County is the first county in the state to offer an online guide allowing voters to verify their registration and create a customized, address-specific voters pamphlet with candidate races and measures from the convenience of their personal computer. 金郡是州內第一個郡提供網上選民指引,允許選民方便地在家中的電腦前核對其登記,並按其住址取得候選人競選和議案可設計一個親自訂做的選民手冊。