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The Elections Leadership Team oversees the day-to-day operations of King County Elections, helps set the priorities and vision for the organization and advises the Director on strategic and emergent issues.選舉部領導團隊負責監督金郡選舉部的日常運作,幫助確定機構的優先事項和願景,並就策略和緊急問題向部長提供建議。

Shawn Abernethy Administrative Services Manager Shawn Abernethy oversees and directs human resources, finance, and data analysis, as well as leading the department's Equity and Social Justice initiatives. Shawn served as the HR Manager for King County's Department of Executive Services for five years prior to joining the Elections team. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in serving the public sector for the past twenty years in a variety of HR leadership roles. Shawn has worked in a number of organizations including Seattle Public Utilities, City of Seattle IT, and Labor and Industries. She enjoys working with employees at all levels to help them achieve their goals, is passionate about equity and social justice, and works to find new and exciting ways to keep our team engaged and motivated to serve our voters. Shawn earned her Master's in Organizational Psychology from Antioch University Seattle and holds a bachelor's degree from Evergreen State College.  行政服務經理Shawn Abernethy負責監督和指導人力資源、財務和數據分析,並領導部門的平等和社會公義倡議。在加入選舉部團隊之前,Shawn曾於金郡行政服務部擔任人力資源經理五年。在過去二十年中,她在擔任公共部門的各種人力資源領導職務時提供豐富的知識和經驗。Shawn曾在多個組織工作,包括西雅圖公用事業局、西雅圖市資訊科技(IT)組以及勞工和工業部。她喜歡與各級別的員工合作,幫助他們實現目標,熱衷於平等和社會公義,並致力尋找新穎和令人興奮的方式,讓我們的團隊繼續積極參與和投入選民服務。Shawn在西雅圖Antioch大學獲得組織心理學碩士學位,並擁有常青州立學院(Evergreen State College)的 學士學位。 

Kendall LeVan Hodson Chief of Staff Kendall Hodson directs external affairs, including intergovernmental and stakeholder relations, as well as language services and community engagement. She oversees communications and marketing, budget development and coordinates strategic initiatives and special projects. Prior to working at King County Elections, she served as a senior manager in the County’s central Human Resources Division and as a strategy and policy analyst for the King County Executive’s Office. Kendall holds a master’s degree in Public Policy from Harvard University. 人事主管Kendall Hodson負責指導外部事務,包括政府之間和利益相關者的關係,以及語言服務和社區參與。她監督通訊和市場推廣,制定預算和協調策略計劃和特別項目。在金郡選舉部工作之前,她曾在金郡的中央人力資源部擔任高級經理,以及金郡郡長辦公室的策略和政策分析員。Kendall擁有哈佛大學公共政策碩士學位。

Janice Case Deputy Director Janice Case oversees ballot delivery and collection, candidate and jurisdiction management, elections project management, and voter registration. She has worked in a variety of roles for King County Elections since July 2006. Janice is a Washington State certified Election Administrator and is a nationally Certified Election Registration Administrator. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Oregon State University.   副部長Janice Case負責監督選票遞送和收集、候選人和轄區管理、選舉項目管理和選民登記。自2006年7月以來,她一直在金郡選舉部擔任各種職務。Janice是華盛頓州認證的選舉行政人員,並且是國家認證的選舉登記行政人員。她擁有俄勒崗州立大學(Oregon State University)的工商管理學士學位。

Dave Wilson Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Supervisor Dave Wilson oversees district, precinct and address maintenance, precinct alterations, and annexations. He manages external requests for maps and data. Dave has worked for King County Elections for over 27 years and is a Washington State certified Election Administrator.  地理資訊系統(GIS)主管Dave Wilson負責監督地區、選區和地址存檔、選區的變更及合併。他管理索取地圖和數據的外部要求。Dave在金郡選舉部工作已超過27年,並且是華盛頓州認證的選舉行政人員。

Margaret Brownell IT Division Director Margaret Brownell oversees and directs the Technical Services team in elections equipment and technology solutions. Systems include voter registration and election management, ballot sorting, scanning and tabulating of ballots, online ballot marking program and the web. 資訊科技(IT)部門總監Margaret Brownell負責在選舉的設備和技術解決方案上監督和指導技術服務團隊。系統包括選民登記和選舉管理、選票分類、選票掃描和選票統計、網上選票填寫項目和網站。

Jacob Lodge Assistant Operations Manager - Voter Services, Jacob Lodge oversees the Voter Services team, which handles voter registration and records maintenance, customer service, and Vote Centers. Jacob earned his bachelor’s degree at Western Washington University in Bellingham. He has served the residents of King County since 2007, serving in a variety of roles. Jacob is a Washington State certified Election Administrator and is currently working toward his national certification as well.  助理營運經理– 選民服務,Jacob Lodge負責監督選民服務團隊,該團隊處理選民登記和記錄存檔、客戶服務和投票中心。Jacob在百靈漢(Bellingham)的西華盛頓大學 (Western Washington University) 獲得學士學位。自2007年以來,他一直為金郡的居民服務,擔任各種職務。Jacob是華盛頓州認證的選舉行政人員,而目前正在致力於獲取國家認證。

Jerelyn Hampton Assistant Operations Manager - Ballot Processing, Jerelyn Hampton oversees ballot processing activities including inbound ballot sorting, signature verification, opening and inspecting ballots, scanning and results reporting. She also coordinates observer opportunities for the two major political parties. She has worked in a variety of roles at King County Elections since joining the team in 2003. Jerelyn has been a Washington State certified Election Administrator since 2009.  助理營運經理– 選票處理,Jerelyn Hampton負責監督選票處理活動,包括收票區選票分類、簽名確證、開啟和檢閱選票、掃描和報告結果。她還協調兩個主要政黨的觀察員機會。自2003年加入團隊以來,她一直在金郡選舉部擔任各種職務。Jerelyn自2009年以來一直是華盛頓州認證的選舉行政人員。